FEUD! Nicki Minaj Calls Out Farrah Abraham!

Randomly… Nicki Minaj found herself watching the new season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ and had some choice words for Farrah Abraham! She took to Twitter, referring to the scene in which Farrah brings her mother to tears over being her “nanny.”

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  1. Farrah Abraham your nothing besides a piece of shit that’s on someone’s shoe… you should even be on teen mom OG…. I agree with Nikki Minaj . Your nothing but a cunt. Your nothing but fake, everything on you is fake! Maybe if you treat your mother with respect and you actually took care of your daughter then it would be ok but no you don’t give 2 shits about either one of them!!!

    • AMEN!!!!! I agree with u there 100% Tiffany. Farrah is just down right pathetic & disrespectful to EVERYONE it seem’s like. She made that smartass comment to the producer about how she doesn’t need to do their stupid show because she is making million’s & million’s from her other business deal’s BUT Farrah seem’s to 4get that if it were not for the show she wouldn’t have those other business deal’s to start with because NOBODY knew who that piece of crap was until she was on the dam show!!!!! lol That girl get’s under my skin so bad that I don’t even bother watching her scene’s on the show anymore I turn the t.v to another channel for a few minute’s until her scene is over with & then I go back to the show For the life of me I just don’t even understand why the hell MTV even brought her back on the show much less why they keep her on there!!!!! I know alot of ppl that love the show & watch it & not even 1 of them can stand watching her either. Hopefully they will kick her off of there soon

    • I agree, I love how Farrah said busy making TV and I slay and I have no time and all this like hunny, you made a little money off getting pregnant in high school. You didn’t win the Pulitzer Prize, your not on Broadway and your definitely an artist. Then you got a bunch of plastic surgery which by the way you look ridiculous, oh and you did a porn movie that put people to sleep, and made a sex toy line. Any skills required? Are you using your culinary degree for porn or sex toys/sex books? You are an imbaressment to yourself, your family, definitely God, the entertainment industry and mothers of all ages and races and all countries. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      P.S Stop bleaching your teeth and getting Botox shot in the crack of your ass and maybe you could speak like a normal person

  2. Farrah you really need help. I don’t know who on earth could put up with your abuse. Even your daughter is mocking you. There is love in this world but for no reason at all you missed the love boat. No guy would put up with you. You can’t give any kindness to anybody. Let’s pray.

  3. coming from nicki minaj, who was just caught on video making funof someine in a wheelchair, i think theyre both cunts, not to mention the crap going on with nickis brother, neither has room to talk

  4. Thats why she cant find love and why she did porn and why her kid acts the way she acts because she has no idia what real love is or how it feels..she dosnt know whst respect is aprently shes never seen it..after seeing how her mother is so cold and not emotionally there, you can see that growing up she wasnt talt like most of us how to act right and what it means to be loved. I dont particularly like her i agree she shouldnt be on the show..she has abused the teen mom name by useing it in her porn, however i see many of her issues steming from her mother. You see the same issues in her sister when she visited. I dont think anyone should say poor mama to her mom cus she uses her daugter and dosnt show emotions or uses them as a wepon is a horrible thing to teach your children to be so cold..the realest and healthest person in the family is Michael..i bet he is scared from dealing with his family and he is never shown any respect as a man or a father or anything elce..not even as a person, yet hes always the familys biggest supporter. The whole family needs therapy and they need to take it more serously then just doing it for tv.

    • I watched the early episodes. She is a spoilt brat, her parents let her get away with being a disrespectful little bitch. All I saw was her parents trying to help her as much as they could while she was a single teem mum. Maybe they should have thrown her out on the street, I’d like to see how long she would have survived in a women’s shelter. She’s a mental case, it’s all about what she does for her parents. No apreciation whatsoever for the love and support they gave her while she was a pregnant mum and a teen mum. Maybe she should show them a bit of gratitude for agreeing to be part of the original show and allowing them to film them and their homes. It’s possible if the declined, she may not be were she is now. She will never see it that way because she is a narcissist

  5. Farrah I have four daughters and they have never talk to me the way you talk to your mom. You need to have more respect for you mom. Plus your daughter may do the same to you. Treat people how you want to be treated.

  6. Your discusting trixibelle… But leave it to a perve to like something like her… Find a REAL WOMEN n u won’t have to do that… Lmao๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    • How does that make him a perve? It is a guarantee that every guy you’ve even been with does the same thing. Maybe not to Farrah’s video, but to some kind of porn.

      • Did you see the episode where she takes her kid to a photo shoot where she is in nothing but an apron and underpants withbsomething writen across her butt ..thst made me alittle upset..i see nothing wrong with doing porn but taking your kid to a little bit of a hott photo shoot is too much i wouldnt want my kid to thibk it was ok to dress or tske pictures like that st her age.

  7. I honestly feel sorry for Sophia for having a mother like Farrah. I think the father’s family should step in and maybe even try for custody because if she cares more about her porn star life (which its obvious she does) then Sophia deserves better than that. She lost her father the least Farrah could do us to be a good role model and a decent mother for her child. I don’t mean to judge and God forgive me for doing so but this child needs love in her life and all I see is a lot of negativity. I think if Sophia’s father saw Farrah now he would even be disgusted. Smh.

    • Well who knows what he was like, or what his family is like? We know what kind of person she is because she has never taken her daughter to see them and she made no effert to have a relashonship herself with them..just like she has no relashonship with the rest of the girls from teen mom. She has no real connection with anyone but the money it seems like..look at the way she treats the crew.

  8. Farrah sucks. She is one of the most disgusting human being I have ever seen. She definitely has no respect for anyone including herself. She is so fake and so nasty to her own family. I am surprised she has any friends or family that stick by her with the way she acts. I don’t understand why Mtv still has her on the show because no one watches it for her. Sophia’s father certainly wouldn’t be with this disgusting piece of shit if he was still alive. I hope he haunts her because of the way she is with his daughter. She deserves nothing less than to be buried in a trash landfill. Where she belongs!!!!

  9. I really wish mtv would get rid of her. She makes watching the show incredibly uncomfortable. I fast forward through her segments.

  10. Farrah will be alone for the rest of her life. She will end up ruining her face completely with all the plastic surgery and when she is broke and ugly no one will give a shit about her because of her nasty attitude towards the world now. So I say let her be a bitch I’m sure karma will be a motherf***ER one day:):):)

    • Dead on Nicki! I am a mom & I am sorry Farrah you should be ashamed of yourself for how you treat your mother! You say you love her????? And as far your brat daughter the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

      • We cant call a child a brat they do what they are talt kids arnt bad kids ..they just have bad parents.

  11. Im with nikki on this one someone finally shoved the cake down her throat. Honestly farrah the porn star doesnt deserve her beautiful little girl. She abuses her mother verbally meantally and emotionally…time to grow up farrah your a sad excuse for a mother and i hope you read this …..you need a lot of help!!! No one likes you…..i pray for your daughter shes already turning into you and thats awful…and you call yourself a good mother???? Your a shit mother!!!!

    • Saying really horrible things to people can make you seem like a horrible person tho michalina..people need to learn that having an opion is one thing but attacking someone that you dont know personally is diffrent. You dont know her ..or what shes like as a mother..you arnt there when she puts her kid to bed..so theres only so much you can say and you dont have a right to be so mean..words hurt people stuff people put on these things can cause real things to happen no one thinks about that when they write things like kill yourself or when they sre slut shameing (which as ladys we need to stop) it just amazes me that us as wemon havent come farther

  12. I agree Farrah is a vulgar, disgusting, entitled excuse for a mother and human being. I understand Teen Mom needs someone to be controversial, but I think her presence and behavior on the show gives her a platform for children being rude to their mothers, poor parenting as she does not discipline her daughter, and horrible excuses for how relationships should never be. Honestly she needs to be removed from the show otherwise MTV is rewarding this vile behavior.

    • I dont think they are rewarding bad behavior by having farrah on the show,,they are showing how her behavior is making her life miserable. Hoe her psrenting is leading to having a child like hers once thst dosnt listen or do anything shes told, it shows on the show thst she cant even deal with her own kid..they are basicly showing if you parent like this this is what happends..it is a lesson learned no one likes her but it is a lesson learned

  13. All I have to says is wow I don’t even watch teen mom but people are saying your disrespecting your moms is messed up and people are saying your disgusting you might want to change and take care of your daughter ferrah I don’t even know you too judge you but you shouldn’t be talking to nicki that way because nicki is a good person I don’t know her in person but one day if I Ever do meet her I wanna tell her to keep her head up I’m going to be a mother soon and some people don’t have mothers and they wish they did but you keep talking to her the way you do she might not help you anymore and I’m sorry but I’m not gonna use my mom or grandma to raise my kid my Mom passed away so my grandma is helping me as much as she can but mainly imma be the one doing everything not my grandma and I’m not using my grandma I thank my grandma really do and I miss my mom dearly and I’m thankful that I have my family and I don’t take them for granted and honestly ferrah maybe you should take the time out to thank your Mom and try to change for your daughter and maybe be a mom who actually is their for their child a people think you should be removed from the show that’s really sad I’m sorry it’s pretty bad when everyone in this world don’t like you and nicki calls you out on twitter ferrah you should be ashamed of yourself ferrah

  14. I don’t understand why Farrah talks to her mom like that so disrespectful and she is teaching her daughter to be just like her,I don’t see her daughter with her fathers parents why aren’t they in her daughters life shame on MTV for filming such a hateful person you have enough feedback now why keep Farrah on the show no one wants too see her on teen mom OG

  15. I agree Farrah ain’t perfect, but she has a right to get defensive. We all do when ppl talk crap to us it’s human. And Nicki is just as slutty. Mine as well done porn, none of her body is ever covered. It’s a catty fight, and us women do have our fights. But nicki don’t be a hypocrite!

  16. A little off topic but as a non US citizen (Australian) I do find it bizarre that for the majority in the US the idea of a child seeing their mother naked in a public forum (or nudity in general) is totally unacceptable but for a child to live in a house with multiple firearms and to be taught to use those firearms at an early age to “shoot first and ask questions later” is perfectly acceptable….where nudity is hidden from sight in brown paper bags, under beds or on 18+ websites but guns are proudly carried desirable objects that make the US a safer place to live,
    Nudity may offend but guns kill……..

  17. Farrah, I can’t believe you talk to your parents the way you do. I had my daughter at 18 and now she is almost 28. My kids would never behave like that. You are the one who is supposed to teach right from wrong. Why does a child need 600$ for losing a tooth. Why did she need to be there for your photo shoot. These are things that you should be keeping away from her. Her innocence is being taken from her. It doesn’t matter how you were brought up, as an adult you choose how you want to be. Talk to your mother with respect and stop calling your dad by his first name. It’s so disrespectful. What will happen if she treats you the same way? You talk down to everyone, on the episode of you and Simon you wouldn’t even let him speak. You need to reevaluate your life. Sophia should be first then your career. She will only be young for a short time. Try a parenting class to help show you that your behavior is out of control. You need to learn respect for yourself so you can give it back.

  18. I’m with everyone about turning the channel while farah’s part of the Teen Mom OG.. she makes me feel very uncomfortable with her disrespectful mouth and she thinks she has class look how she treats people with class you don’t speak to their parents or anyone like she speaks . sometimes she makes me so mad I want to punch her in her face because she is such aa cunt that thick she so above everyone when she certainly is not . she does need some help with her attitude for the baby girl to have a chance in life . with a mother like that the baby girl has no chance because she’s not going to be loved by anyone just like her mom because she’s going to act just like her and karma will bite Farah and the butt and I hope I get to see it because of her rude ass mouth

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