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‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Amber Portwood and fiance Matt Baier are finally publicly addressing the claims that Matt had 7 children that he was allegedly hiding from Amber.

In last night’s episode of ‘Teen Mom’ Gary confronts Amber with paperwork from courts showing that Matt has seven open child support cases.

In an interview with MTV Amber said, “Gary had told me a couple weeks after that he actually had known for a while, which just tells me that he just literally waited for the cameras to be there… I think what his main goal was, was to humiliate us and to try to make our family look like it’s not stable because this was when we were in the big custody battle.

Amber goes on to explain that Matt has 5 kids, some of which are grown with their own families. Matt wasn’t really a part of those children’s lives so they didn’t want that information public. She also says that she was aware of them.

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Matt says that just because Gary didn’t know about the other kids doesn’t mean that Amber didn’t know. “Gary’s not a part of our family, we don’t tell him everything that’s going on in our lives because frankly… it’s really none of his business.”  Matt also says that Gary didn’t think about how this would effect the kids involved… “For Gary to come out and say ‘here’s this information and this is a negative and the world needs to know it,’ that doesn’t hurt me… it hurts my kids. I have no shame at all about my older kids. None what so ever. I love my older kids but they were born in a time when I wasn’t capable of taking care of myself never mind anyone else. Thankfully they were raised by a wonderful  mother and a wonderful father. They had great lives and no regrets and no animosity.

Amber and Matt both agree they are both very different people than who they used to be and now that they are cleaned up people can see them for who they really are.