‘Teen Mom OG’ Stars Amber & Matt Open Up About Gary’s Claims of Matt Having 7 Kids

2015-12-17 (5)

‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Amber Portwood and fiance Matt Baier are finally publicly addressing the claims that Matt had 7 children that he was allegedly hiding from Amber.

In last night’s episode of ‘Teen Mom’ Gary confronts Amber with paperwork from courts showing that Matt has seven open child support cases.

In an interview with MTV Amber said, “Gary had told me a couple weeks after that he actually had known for a while, which just tells me that he just literally waited for the cameras to be there… I think what his main goal was, was to humiliate us and to try to make our family look like it’s not stable because this was when we were in the big custody battle.

Amber goes on to explain that Matt has 5 kids, some of which are grown with their own families. Matt wasn’t really a part of those children’s lives so they didn’t want that information public. She also says that she was aware of them.

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Matt says that just because Gary didn’t know about the other kids doesn’t mean that Amber didn’t know. “Gary’s not a part of our family, we don’t tell him everything that’s going on in our lives because frankly… it’s really none of his business.”  Matt also says that Gary didn’t think about how this would effect the kids involved… “For Gary to come out and say ‘here’s this information and this is a negative and the world needs to know it,’ that doesn’t hurt me… it hurts my kids. I have no shame at all about my older kids. None what so ever. I love my older kids but they were born in a time when I wasn’t capable of taking care of myself never mind anyone else. Thankfully they were raised by a wonderful  mother and a wonderful father. They had great lives and no regrets and no animosity.

Amber and Matt both agree they are both very different people than who they used to be and now that they are cleaned up people can see them for who they really are.


  1. Our past does not have to break or hinder our future. Everyone has a life resume. Some not so good. Some who have learned and grown from those past mistakes. Gary is a fool to think that this would break Amber. That girl has some serious strength in her. Also, it’s the events like this that give more depth and meaning to building a strong relationship. How Amber and Matt handled it, based on video clips only is right on.

  2. Gary needs to seriously stick his noise out of there realationship, I can tell that Gary is jealous of there relationship! Espically with the laugh after he told his gf on teen mom.

  3. Gary you need to leave amber alone your trying to break them up so you can go and try to mess around with amber but you need to get it in your head she don’t like you no more she moved on to be better so leave her alone seriously be happy with the person your with omg & mind your own dam business

  4. I really think it is Gary’s business though because quite frankly that says a lot about the type of person Matt is. There is a lot of red flags about Matt and any father should feel the need to investigate! I would do the same thing. And I know damn well that if it was the other way around and Gary was with some random woman that had multiple kids she had nothing to do with, Amber would be all over that, especially for custody reasons! And them whining about him doing it for the show, well he probably did but I was under the impression that nothing was off the table when it came to the show and what these people are willing to discuss. I’m all for Amber and her being clean and doing the right thing, but Matt has too many red flags coming up for Gary to not investigate! Amber just needs to be careful because in the end, it’s Leah who suffers.

    • I didn’t see Amber all up in Gary’s business when he was dating a married woman. How is that a good influence on Leah? It is also not a good influence on Leah for Gary to be so grossly unhealthy but Amber doesn’t constantly bring that up. Gary just needs to leave her alone and get on board with co-parenting instead of constantly trying to bring Amber down. It makes him look really bad.

      • my thoughts exactly about gary. he should worry more about his weight problem and trying to make sure he is there for leah many many more years to come.

    • I agree there something shady about Matt and I love Amber and Leah and I don’t want to see them hurt I just keep getting bad vibes bout Matt… I think Gary honestly was just looking out for Amber so she don’t get hurt.

    • Agree and anyone who watched last night would see Amber is lying. She clearly did NOT know –they played audio of Amber and Matt arguing about it and he was denying it. The look on his face in the car said it all

      • The response “umm” said it all for me that she didn’t know an he got caught when he gave her the look pretty much confirmed it’s true! So I totally agree!

    • So matt has kids. Who cares. Gary’s girlfriend has a child she doesn’t hav have custody of , maybe they should worry about their own family

    • Matt is too old for her number 1, he’s sneaky, he’s using her, and if I were Gary I would be all over this Matt prick if he’s going to be around my daughter, who wouldn’t want to know who some random 50 yr old is around there child, Amber has alot of growing up to do, Matt is getting a free ride, 7 kids? By the looks of it hasn’t stepped up and been a man for any of them, blames it on addiction, get over yourself….

        • What you just said makes absolutely no sense. So, people can’t be a fan of Amber if they don’t like Matt? How does that work?

          Also, age is just a number right up until it’s someone you know. Think about how you’d feel if you ever had a daughter, or even just a friend, who is in her early 20’s and she starts dating some random guy, who she met on Twitter, who is in his mid 40’s, who used to be a messed up drug addict with at least 5 kids that he currently has nothing to do with. I’m pretty sure most of us would have a big problem with that.

    • I actually agree with you. Way too many red flags going on. I agree that Amber is doing VERY well and I congratulate her for it. But I get a strong sense that Matt is just taking her for a ride. Gary has every right to know who is around his kid, too.

    • Amber is a smart girl I don’t understand this you know followed her on Twitter he watch teen mom he was like an obsessive person it sound like and you know he’s been to all these different states with all these different women got all these kids father can just blame everything on your addiction and they’re all grown and he’s never took care of not one because you just forget about your family and never contact them and she should be ashamed of being with somebody like that

    • So what I hear you saying is that once you’ve been in a bad spot in your life you’ll never get out of it and always be judged by that time of your life? Seems pretty shallow and narrow minded. Gary’s a nasty and that way a dbag move. ESPECIALLY since he did that in front of his daughter. Not cool but Gary’s the best parent right? He’s looking out of Leah’s best interest by bringing her into the middle of adult things.

      • No question that Gary is a dbag, but he does take care of his kids. And apparently that’s a whole lot more than you can say about Matt and his kids.

  5. Amber.. keep moving forward like you have been doing….i have to say what an amazing compassionate person you have become…you have grown through very tough times…you deserve to be happy and loved and also ..respected and treated as this wonderful changed women you have become. ..you deserve it….take a deep breathe and remember “this to will pass “…you got the world by the tail….you know when it’s right…those feelings you get from deep down…if he is the one you will look beyond all the faults because we all have them and had them..just love and be loved….your doing everything right….!!

  6. I don’t think it is any of Gary’s buisness. Unless amber or Matt want him to know, then he should just keep his nose out of it. Amber didn’t do that to Gary’s gf. He needs to learn to get along with both of them for Leahs sake.

  7. If she knew the whole story of him having those kids why did she react like that? I don’t think its any of Gary’s business but her reaction was not that of one knowing that information.

  8. I´ve never seen a man as Gary trying to fuck up another womans life as he do. He´s totally mental, his behaviour have no other puposes then being evil. It looked like he was the assh…. who broke Amber down. He is a dangerous person – Amber must try doing so she never need to comunicate directly with him.

  9. Amber u are doing great. Keep up the awesome work. Gary is just a control freak over leah and needs to learn he can’t have his way all the time. That wife of his is just as bad as him!!

    • Well…..technically he can have his way since he still has full custody. But, once they share custody, then you’re statement will be true.

  10. I hate how Gary is always trying to find a way to hurt Amber, it isn’t fair. He finds every low blow to hit her with. So what Matt has 5 kids hes an older man its not like hes 25 and 5 kids, and its none of Gary’s damn business. I applaud you Amber and Matt. The old Amber would’ve punches his a** out, and she walked away from it. You have grown so much. Your an awesome mom Boo Boo is lucky to have you. <3

    • You’re argument is awesome, lol. If he was 25 with 5 kids, then there’d be a problem. But he’s an older man, so it’s cool to have 5 kids with different women.

      And by the way, they may be admitting that 5 of the 7 kids are his, but that doesn’t mean the other 2 aren’t. That just means that he doesn’t know if the other 2 are or not. I think in order to file a child support claim, you have to establish paternity. So there’s a good chance that Matt just has 2 additional kids that he simply didn’t know about.

  11. Um…my daughter is 8, and he abandoned her and he’s never helped with her. How do you explain that, Matt?? How about her trying to figure out why you don’t want to be in her life? What about that??

  12. I believe it is garys business his child is back n forth w him n amber n leah is around matt i would def do my research on matt too n for all u people telling gary to mind his business clearly u guys dont have kids or ur just ignorant if u people r crazy enough to allow ur childen around a stranger that just pops into ur exs lfe then u dont care about ur child enough to protect them hes just looking out for his kid n clearly amber did not know about the other kids cuz she stating he has two kids so this may be many of one of the lies matt is telling amber who knows what else hes hinding gary u keep doing ur research n protect ur little girl ur doing the right thking great job n k
    eep it up uur a great dad n dont let anyone tell u different there r alot of loser dads out there n this is showing u care n love leah ,,,,,,

  13. It’s obvious after watching the show for a few years that Gary isnt the most responsible parent when it comes to talking to and about Amber in front of Leah. Not to mention how he is constantly putting Amber down. Leah is wise enough to understand the little comments he makes. I believe thats why she says mom never does stuff with me and she sleeps all the time. Gary could use a nutritionist and some counseling. Amber has done far more work on herself, Gary needs to catch up.

  14. Why are they still lying? Is it Matt has convinced Amber he only has 5 children? Or are they both in on the lie in a futile attempt to make Matt look good?

  15. I use to like Gary, but I’ve seen alot lately that he would take amber back in a heart beat and because she won’t go back he’s trying to destroy her and he’s using their child!! I’m going through the same thing with my daughter and that hurts everyday, Amber is going through enough. Gary needs to STOP attacking her!

  16. If amber is happy than let it be.. But i think matt has somethings up his sleeve i think he is with her for the fame of the show and the money, really.

  17. Gary grow up so what if he has 7 kids or evan if he has 10 his kids r nothing to do with so leave it alone and worry about your own children and not matts… Amber and matt keep doing what you are doing amber you are doing so well keep up the good hard work and matt your doing the best thing ever for amber by bining there for her matt&amber i hope you both r happy together n i wish u both the very best

    • Hey hey, don’t forget Matt. He’s doing well too. At least now we know what he does for a living…..”Amber’s fiancée.” Looks like a sweet gig with good benefits. Way to go Matt. Keep those job skills sharp.

  18. I mean come on how do u think that looks of u as a person if u have 7 kids or 5 kids with all different people , SHADY!!! I’m sorry matt but u definitely have an altior motive being with amber ! U can help take care of Leah can’t ya but not ur own??? Makes no sense at all to me…

  19. Amer is a smart girl she’s been through a lot and I don’t think she could be so naive but obviously she just don’t want to be alone you know what the all the signs are there he followed her on Twitter he watch the show in base we got a hold of her and she gave me a little test and then he moved in with in three weeks I think he’s the opportunist he doesn’t have a job

  20. So Matt has grown children. It really doesn’t matter. What matter is now. With Leah only. I just think he is scared of losing custody of her. Amber keep up the good work you are doing to improve yourself. You are a beautiful young lady.

    • I’m pretty sure he is definitely not afraid of losing custody. He may be a dick, but she used to be a drug addict who is in recovery and she’s an ex-con. When you add in that she is engaged to someone with Matt’s background, there is no judge in the world who would take custody away from Gary and give it to Amber.

      However, from everything I’ve read, after this season finished taping, it sounds like Gary and Amber have agreed to some kind of 50/50 custody and are now just waiting for it to go through the court system. So I guess Gary must have some kind of faith in her as a mom.

  21. I think that Gary is scared of losing this custody battle. So he is trying to dig up everything he can on Matt and make it public. Now who is playing dirty. Gary doesn’t like it that Amber got cleaned and sober. She is making a life for herself and Leah. Grow up Gary and realize that Amber is becoming more of a adult than you are.

  22. I would just like to point out that the title of this post says, “Gary’s Claims of Matt having 7 kids.” These aren’t Gary’s claims, these are public court documents, that anyone can look up, of women that have filed child support claims against Matt. It’s not like Gary is just making this stuff up to be a dick, it’s public record.

  23. Why do it on television.. Yes they are public records, but you have to pay for those records. His lawyer should have advised him to do it off camera. And she should have looked into it herself. Most lawyers would advise the client not to cause any trouble.

    • Listen, if you sign up to be on TV, or if you start dating and then get engaged to someone who is on TV, then you have to expect that everything from your life is going to be made public at some point. Like it or not, that’s the way it is. Because even if you want to keep something private, the second you gain even a little bit of fame, exes, friends, family members, and lots of other people from your life start spilling secrets. That’s what keeps the tabloids in business.

      Even if Gary didn’t bring it up on camera, there were a hundred other websites and bloggers that brought that story to light, and it would have just came up during the reunion show anyway.

      If you don’t want things from your life made public, don’t be on TV. It’s a pretty simple concept.

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