Farrah Abraham Has the Worst Interview Ever… and it’s Hilarious. “Who’s the Celebrity?”

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Farrah Abraham had a ridiculously awkward interview while at an adult entertainment expo in January 2016. The man interviewing her (and various other porn stars/people at the event) had no freaking clue who she was. He thought she was one of the porn “actresses,” and asked her about her experiences on set. When Farrah explains that she is known for a “celebrity sex tape,” he then very seriously asks her who the celebrity is.

It only gets better from there.


  1. Farrah, as a person who lost their mother early in life let me give you some advice. Someday your words will haunt you the way you speak to your mother. Your daughter is watching, taking this all in and will someday speak to you in the same matter for no reason. Whatever happened in your childhood so early, you need to move on from. Your bitterness and bitchyness is beyond anything. How your Mom and Dad haven’t told you to kiss thier a** is beyond me. I have a son, who I love more than life. If he ever, ever spoke to me the way you speak to your parents, he would never see me again.

    One question…..would Derek approve of the way you carry on in front of your daughter?

    That being said, I am very sorry that you lost your love. Now live life for him, you and your child and stop being a b****!!

  2. I was brought here after googling ‘Is Farrah Abraham the worst person in the world’… she clearly fucking is.

    Cunt needs to die in a fire.

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