Amber Portwood Tweets About Fiance & Forgiveness

2016-02-02 (38)

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Amber Portwood has been dealing with a major backlash from fans regarding her fiance Matt Baier and his alleged 7+ children. Many fans are concerned that Matt has lied to Amber and may be using her. Several ex girlfriends and friends have come forward talking about Matt’s past. Amber however is still standing by her man and is asking fans to give him a second chance like they have done for her.

Wth are people talking about on here. This reaction just absolutely disgusts me.” Amber ranted on Twitter after last week’s episode. “How can you guys forgive me for my past but bash Matt for his? Why are you even following me? What is all this stuff about not having a job too? Not only did he have a job but his x boss works on our houses we’re flipping I’m just shocked at these reactions honestly. If you don’t like Matt for whatever bullshit reason than unfollow

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In regards to Matt’s current relationships with his children Amber says that he is there for them. Matt has also said that his children have no animosity against him for their childhood.




    • I believe Amber and I think Gary is very mean and controlling and doesn’t want Amber to be Happy. If anyone is a jerk it has always been Gary!

      • Gary is still hung up on amber and still wants to be with her when he has a girlfriend that just had his baby.
        I wonder if she knows about what Gary is doing? Probably not!

  1. Amber has a very hard working man and I believe he is very good for her. I am so proud of how much she has grown and learned from her past and is now making a life for not only her but also for her new family.

    • Whoa, hardworking? At what? Scamming her? He is unemployed, she can’t even name what he does, and had no idea what to say when the realtor asked what they did for a living. He sits on the couch all day with her. Hardworking at that, I suppose.

      • She has come very far from where she was at and it has been a long time since I have watched the show cause I have not had cable but I do believe in them and I would not judge.

        • Do you not understand the system yet? The whole point of shows like this is to plaster their ridiculous lives on TV so the rest of the country can sit back and judge them to make our own lives seem better. That’s the entire reason why 99% of people watch these shows. If they put people on TV that always made the right decisions and were successful in everything they did, the rest of us would start feeling like crap about our own pathetic lives and stop watching. So get on board and stop telling people not to judge. Judging these people is exactly what the creators and producers want us to do!!

  2. I think Amber and Matt are good for each other, but I don’t understand how she can just sweep broken trust and lies under the rug like it means nothing. Any man who doesn’t take care of his children, in my opinion, is lower than low. I am not here to judge their relationship, as they have to live with their choices and consequences of their past and present. I just feel like Amber needs to open her eyes to the big picture. If I were in her shoes, my daughter would be my biggest concern. Matt got himself into the mess, let him figure out how to fix his past. I, also feel that Amber shouldn’t give Matt any money for his past mistakes that Matt should have to figure that part put for himself. Amber has gone through so much, and she shouldn’t have to deal with the nonsense he has caused.
    On another note, I can totally relate to Gary’s concern for his daughter. He only wants the best for Leah. Let’s not forget that Amber wasn’t always the best to Gary, but I feel telling her about what he found was to protect her and Leah. I don’t think Gary wants to keep Leah from Amber, but he does want what is best for Leah. Why let his daughter get attached to someone (Matt) that can potentially walk out like he did on all those children that actually belong to him?
    The past is the past, but when you don’t take care of your past, it tends to come back and bite you in the @$$! I guess Matt learned that the hard way.
    As for him not working, why would you want to keep someone up, Amber? You have more important things to worry about. Love is a powerful thing, but eventually, you will get tired of being used. Make Matt get off his @$$ and get a job. He needs to be worried about all the support he is behind. He could potentially and up in jail for all the back child support he owes. Honestly, that might be the best thing for both Matt and Amber. Maybe that would open her eyes up to the lies and broken trust.
    No disrespect meant, just my opinion and my take on things.

  3. how can she say that he is there for them meanwhile they were together for how long and he did not say a word about these children to her. You can be there for a child and live with someone for a year or two and never call them never see them and not support them financially. She is making a huge mistake.

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