2016-02-02 (38)

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Amber Portwood has been dealing with a major backlash from fans regarding her fiance Matt Baier and his alleged 7+ children. Many fans are concerned that Matt has lied to Amber and may be using her. Several ex girlfriends and friends have come forward talking about Matt’s past. Amber however is still standing by her man and is asking fans to give him a second chance like they have done for her.

Wth are people talking about on here. This reaction just absolutely disgusts me.” Amber ranted on Twitter after last week’s episode. “How can you guys forgive me for my past but bash Matt for his? Why are you even following me? What is all this stuff about not having a job too? Not only did he have a job but his x boss works on our houses we’re flipping I’m just shocked at these reactions honestly. If you don’t like Matt for whatever bullshit reason than unfollow

2016-02-02 (26)

In regards to Matt’s current relationships with his children Amber says that he is there for them. Matt has also said that his children have no animosity against him for their childhood.