Jenelle Evans “Cussed Out Her Producers” Over New ‘Teen Mom 2’ Trailer!

‘Teen Mom 2’ is returning with a seventh season this March and naturally MTV has released a drama filled trailer for the new season. One TM star was NOT happy though.

Many scenes showed Jenelle Evans crying and arguing with either baby daddy Nathan Griffith or her mother Barbara.

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There are also several scenes that show Jenelle’s new boyfriend in a negative light…. revealing that he was recently released from prison where he served time for a domestic violence charge. He is also shown threatening to snap someones neck and slamming a door in Barbara’s face.

The trailer it makes it look like this season I’m doing bad and David is a bad person… In all reality that’s what they WANT you to think,” Jenelle said on Twitter. “Wait until the episodes air… You will be like… Wow that #TeenMom2 season wasn’t bad at all. 😂😂😂 funny.

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Just cussed out my producers last night as usual and threatened to quit. My mental health is important.” Jenelle has been having an unknown medical problem and has been traveling out of state for testing. “I have great parts to my story line as well they never aired since day one,” she continued.

Jenelle also addressed the scene in which David argues with Barbara: “Lmfao cannot wait for everyone to see that scene, she didn’t even knock… Trust me your opinion will change 👍🏼 “


  1. I’m pretty sure Jenelle fed us the same lines of BS about how great things were going with Nate. And just wait until we saw the episodes and we’d see how great their relationship was….blah blah blah. We all see how that turned out.

    Clearly her idea of things being great is a bit different from everyone else’s.

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