Jenelle Evans Flips Out on ‘TM2’ Cast-mates for “copying” Her

Because we all just want to be Jenelle Evans.

It looks like the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star is a bit peeved that Chelsea Houska is launching her very own website. Soon after Chelsea announced to her fans that a website was coming Jenelle had something to say via Twitter. You see… Jenelle recently launched her own website

Jenelle Evans Twitter

I’m just going to point out first of all that these girls sites look nothing alike. Chelsea’s home page features beautiful photos of her and her daughter Aubree. Jenelle’s features photos of just herself in various bikinis and short shorts. So to suggest she was “copying” is just silly. Also lets take a look at the other ‘Teen Mom’ cast members who already have (or had) websites: Amber, Maci, Catelynn & Tyler, Farrah, Kailyn….

Speaking of which, Kailyn Lowry was quick to come to Chelsea’s defense.

Kailyn Lowry Twitter

This sent Jenelle on a tangent about her fellow ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars.. accusing both Kailyn and Chelsea of “copying” her.

Jenelle Evans Twitter 2

Jenelle Evans Twitter 1

Chelsea didn’t have much to say about the situation but she did clear up the accusation that she was stealing the idea for a skin care line. Responding to a tweet from this Johnny character (that was deleted before I could get to it) she said, “I’m a licensed esthetician. I’ve been planning on a skincare line since I was in school. You’re not that original.

Kailyn went on to say, “They say imitation is the best form of flattery… It’s also flattering when someone thinks you’re copying them. Sorry babe, but no.

It’s been reported that Jenelle is coming out with a book soon… I wonder where she got that idea…



  1. If Jenelle is ‘so over this show’ she should get the hell off and go into oblivion with Farrah

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