Photos/Videos: Jenelle Evans Gets Her “Nathan” Tattoo Covered Up!

Remember that time ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans got a tattoo of her boyfriends name and “lol’d” at people who told her it was a bad idea? Well… as it turns out… it WAS a bad idea. They are no longer together and it doesn’t look like they will ever get back together so… time for a tattoo cover up!

Jenelle Evans Tattoo

Jenelle opened up on her blog  about what a huge mistake her tattoo was. “At the time, I figured I’ve been with this man and did in-fact fall in love with him and honestly believed I would be with him the rest of my life in such a short period. I acted quickly, and we both came up with the idea to get an ambigram of each other’s names on our hips for being ‘attached at the hip’.” She also said that she had been working on the idea for her new tattoo for a while. ” I put a lot of thought into this piece and it has been months in the making. I chose this tattoo because like an octopus uses it’s ink for a defense mechanism, I’m using this idea to cover up my old tattoo with the ‘ink’ of the octopus over it as a defense for me to get rid of something that I don’t want to see anymore.

2016-03-04 (4)

Here are a few videos of Jenlle getting her new tat:


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