Photo Surfaces! Jenelle Evans Pregnant Again!?

Teen Mom 2′ star Jenelle Evans has been denying left and right that she is pregnant yet again… however some fan stalking may just prove otherwise. Jenelle is looking rather pregnant in this new PHOTO  in which she, boyfriend David Eason and her son Kaiser are shopping at Target. Even after the photo surfaced online Jenelle took to Twitter stating, “Nope, not pregnant. Sorry to burst your bubble. 😂


According to a new report from The Ashley’s Reality Roundup,  the ‘Teen Mom 2‘ producers “are freaking out” about Jenelle’s newest pregnancy. If she does have a baby in her belly this will be her third child and third baby daddy.

Stay tuned for updates!


    • True…..except that she did the same thing when she was pregnant with Kaiser. She denied that pregnancy right up until the day that MTV confirmed that she actually was pregnant. Soooo…..she doesn’t really have the best track record for telling the truth about these things. Or anything really.

  1. Their not teen Mom’s!! All of them should be responsible enough now to quit having so many kid’s by different baby Daddy’s!

  2. Just leave it alone. Please . It’s her business not anyone else’s. If and when she has another baby she will let people know when she’s ready

    • Why would we leave it alone? The girl is a public figure whether she likes it or not. And this is what we do with people of notoriety. If she wants to keep things private, then she should stop signing up to be on TV. Oh yeah, and she should probably stop getting arrested for stuff too.

  3. Who cares if she’s f****** pregnant she’s an adult she can do what she wants when she wants how she wants Panini how I like to know and I think she’s a good mom and a good person all around she has came a long ways and I think people just need to leave her the hell alone and let her live her life

    • Why would anyone say, “she’s a good mom”..she’s the poorest excuse for a mother I have seen in a long time. She could care less about the kids..all she does is text, worry about the boyfriends and ignore her kids. I can’t figure out why she wants custody of Jace..she certainly doesn’t spend time with any of them. If I were her mom, I’d keep custody and see to it that she doesn’t ever get custody of him. She’s a pitiful excuse for a mom. She continues to make poor choices so what is she teaching her kids, DUDE!! She needs to grow up and stop moving guys in and out. Also, stop bringing more children into the world. Also, I can’t stand the way the show is portraying these girls, none of them work except Kaitlin. They all lay around in dirty house..and houses they haven’t worked for. You people are glamorizing these teens not portraying them as they did in the beginning of the show. I admire Kaitlyn and the other girl that just got engaged. They are both good role models and have worked at making it. Macy lays around in a new house, can’t get the girls to school on time, the house is always a mess…yet, she says she should have primary custody because that’s what is best for the girls..Wake up Maci you and Janelle need to become responsible adults not whining children.

      • Um actually that is not Maci…. Maci is on the OG teen mom and is an amazing mother. The one you are talking about is Leah. Some of these girls HAVE come a long way and some still have quite a bit of growing up. But NO ONE is perfect. So let’s move on

        • Why would we move on?? They keep filming these shows so that we will watch and get all mad and bothered by everything they do, or don’t do. Then come and read websites like this one, then comment about the stuff we are mad about. This is the whole reason these shows keep being made. Moving on is the exact opposite of what the creators and producers want us to do.

    • Hahahaha! You’re funny too. I love the sarcasm….”she’s a good mom and a good person all around.” That’s good stuff.

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