Corey Simms Responds to Leah’s Reaction to Ali Complaining About Miranda in ‘Teen Mom 2’ Episode

Corey Simms Remington

Last night’s episode was an emotional one for all the moms of ‘Teen Mom 2,’ especially for Leah Messer who found out that Corey’s wife Miranda wasn’t helping Ali carry her backpack after school. Leah’s cousin recorded Ali complaining that when her back pack is too heavy Miranda wont carry it for her because she’s holding her newborn daughter Remi… who apparently now gets all the attention. Leah took Ali’s complaints very seriously and immediately got emotional while talking with her sister about it. (Because little girls aren’t ever being dramatic or anything…)

Corey quickly took to Twitter to explain that this was a situation blown way out of proportion.

Watching tonight’s episode and shaking my head. People talk big. A simple co parenting convo turns into much more. A simple everyday task Gets blown way out of proportion. And my place is still the worse place for them to be. Tune in for much more TM2 action 😂


Miranda spoke with MTV stating, “I always try to carry Ali’s backpack for her… I would never try to do any harm to the children or create any kind of task that I know Ali cannot do. I’m not saying how she felt was wrong — her feelings are important. I just hope that we can move on, and I hope that the girls feel comfortable no matter where they are at one time.

Corey also added, “Miranda has been around the girls since they were two years old,” the father of three stated. “Miranda is aware of what Ali is capable of and what she’s not capable of doing. If Miranda would have felt that the backpack was too heavy, she would not have made her carry the backpack.


  1. I think it’s amazing that we are now expected or Leah is expected to be understanding of the situation and Trust that Miranda is doing what is in the best interest of Ali. When the tables were turned and the girls were telling Corey about Leah doing things there was no compassion, there was no understanding Leah’s situation. Never did they say let’s see if we can help her, she has three children and she is doing it all alone 99% of the time. Leah got no assistance or understanding from Jeremy, Corey or Miranda. What Leah got was a divorce from Jeremy and Miranda and Corey took her children from her. And the truth be told Miranda and Corey still don’t have any real idea what it was going through because Leah was alone there’s two people taking care of the three children in their home. Personally I think they all owe you a huge apology and Corey and Miranda need to back off of her two girls and let her have them back. She did need a break, she needed someone who cared about her to step up and say you are overwhelmed with all three of these children let us take the girls for a week or two and let you have a little time to decompress. It was cruel to both Leah and the girls to go to court and take those girls from her because she wasn’t Superwoman. I think Jeremy Corey and Miranda all need it step back and take a look at themselves for the way they treated Leah. Instead of seeing that she was hurting she was stressed out she was not in good condition and she needed a hand, all three of them stabbed her in the back Jeremy saying she wasn’t good enough to be his wife anymore and Corey and Miranda Sings she wasn’t good enough to be a mother to her two girls. In my opinion the lack of character is not on Leah. All three of them Miranda Corey and Jeremy should be ashamed of themselves. Leah needs to step up and stand up for herself. Quit allowing these people to walk all over her and protect her children from them. This whole thing has been traumatic for the girls and the fault doesn’t fall on Leah.

    • They never said she wasn’t good enough to be their mother. They said that she had serious problems and the girls weren’t necessarily safe with her. Don’t let all that talk about getting treatment for “stress and anxiety” fool you. She was hooked on prescription meds. You are correct in that she definitely needed help. The problem was, she will not admit that she ever had a problem, so she will not ever be able to kick the problem. Corey, Miranda, and Jeremy all knew the real deal. Corey tried to broach the subject several times and Leah went crazy on him and denied everything. But then all of a sudden she needs to leave to go to rehab? Come on now. And if the mother of my kids had an addiction problem and didn’t want to do anything to fix it, I would try to get primary custody too. In all seriousness, if the tables were turned, and Leah thought Corey had a problem with drugs, prescription or otherwise, and he wasn’t able to admit it or try to get help for it, don’t you think she would have fought to not only get primary custody, but probably full custody to protect her kids?

      Anyway…what did Miranda do again? Oh yeah, she didn’t help Ali out with her backpack because she was carrying her baby. Dear God, someone call CPS now!!

      • Ali requires assistance. I don’t know but I think I could have come up with a solution that would not require Ali to possibly injure herself. Who can’t carry a backpack and a baby. Tell her to leave it in the car until I put the baby down in a safe place, then I could run back out and get it for her. Whatever it takes. Get real. What I would not do is tell her to carry it in herself. That is what someone that doesn’t give a sh×× does.

        • So you think you know what kind of assistance Ali requires better than Miranda? Those girls live with her half of every week and have been for a long time now. I’m pretty sure she knows what Ali can handle and what she can’t at this point. She certainly knows much more than you or me or anyone else writing comments here. So to say she doesn’t give a shit and just wanted to make Ali suffer is just plain stupid.

  2. I think texting while driving , not having girls in car seats, nodding off while driving , not feeding nutritional meals, and then total denial of addiction makes Leah unstable. She is lucky Corey was so reasonable because around here, she wouldve only had supervised visitation. And just because Leah isnt nodding off now doesnt mean she isnt drug free i can tell she switched her drug of choice to uppers such as adderall or meth. Which is why she is now cleaning her house and is thinner and more stressed and over reacts to everything. So great for your “anxiety”

    • One question… are those the effects you get from adderall and meth? Just saying, seems like you are stating information as though you have some personal knowledge on the subject. I clean my house and sometimes got irritable when I was raising two children. Adderall and meth were not required, did it all on the natch. I’m sure you know what I’m saying.

      • If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that you were forming opinions and making judgements about others without “proof.” But I must be mistaken since that’s exactly what you’re preaching at us about and something you would never do yourself.

  3. It would be understandable if I assumed all of the things you do. I see you do not need proof to form your opinions. Even if I thought the things you do, I do not convict someone without absolute proof. Who are you to think you know that she was/is an addict. I do believe no one can recognize a person under the influence of drugs like another person under the influence. You know the old saying takes one to know one
    Without proof, its just your opinion and you have no right to make such accusations. I haven’t seen her purchasing any drugs, except for the ones prescribed to her. If there was any illegal drugs being purchased or used, it would have come to light. Until then you should stop playing judge and jury. You are talking about her life. Maybe you should get a life of your own, do something you are actually qualified for.

    • Seems a little hypocritical that you are lecturing about not judging others without proof, and then in the next sentence you do exactly that. You assume that I’m not qualified to know an addict when I see one. How would you know that? Do you have proof of that? Do you have proof that I wasn’t a former addict that can easily recognize those behaviors in other addicts, or that I’m not now a psychiatrist who knows exactly what I’m talking about? But please, continue to tell me how I shouldn’t judge others while you then continue to judge others yourself. Here’s a wild stab in the dark, do you belong to a Christian religion?

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