Chelsea Houska Baby Update! New Bump Photo & Birthing Plan Details! (August)


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Chelsea Houska is currently expecting her second child who should be making his or her debut in February. She’s been keeping fans updated on her pregnancy via social media and her new website. Here’s what we know so far!

Chelsea has just entered her second trimester and is starting to show the tiniest of baby bumps. While her belly isn’t too big yet chelsea revealed that her “boobs are legit the size of Texas. So that’s fun.”  Which is a detail I’m sure we all were curious about! The baby is also about the size of a lemon!


I’ve been starting to have more energy and trying to eat healthy and get back in the gym, so I’m feelin goooood. We had an appointment with our midwife last week and she said everything is looking great, she even showed us our little nugget! So exciting!

Chelsea also revealed on Twitter that she plans to have the baby in a hospital but would like for it to be a natural birth. She’s also been looking into Hypno-Birthing which is a “calm, gentle and natural birthing process where mothers connect to the innate wisdom of their bodies through deep, hypnotic relaxation techniques.” (According to a three second google search I just did…)

So there you have it. Pretty much all we know so far about Chelsea’s pregnancy. Stay tuned for another update next month!


  1. Chelsea is the BEST she went through soooo much shit with Adam and she tried and tried when he said and did the meanest things to her but all In all between her father’s unconditional support and her mother and her being strong …she prevailed and god blessed her and Aubrey with A wonderful man…Cole…A GREAT father figure for Aubrey which Adam ISN’T…gotta luv Chelsea’s other voice too…Chelsea really over came …I’m THRILLED for her…And Amber..nobody could be more REAL then Amber …she shoots straight from the hip she accounts for her wrongs and owns up and gives live and life and motherhood her BEST shot no matter what set backs she has she gets right back up and keeps pushing she’s constantly trying…I describe Amber like this …Weebles Wobble but they DON’T FALL DOWN …thats AMBER…As far as Tyler and Caitlyn I see them as two of the most unselfish people ever and Tyler is so senseable it’s like he was,born and adult…And Farrah all she got out of Teen Mom is money to get what she wants and to have tons of cosmetic surgerys etc shes so mean and hatefull and ONLY into herself she looks and acts pornish I can see Farrah over the years dating different men but never getting married or having no more children…she’s too much about herself and thinks shes better and smarter etc ….the way she is to her mother is how Sophia is gonna be to her they aren’t gonna get along …I could go on Sunday on about alot of Teen Mom’s but Janelle needs,to THANK GOD for Barbara …Janelle goes through men like underwear she the type of femal5who thinks she has to have A man…..I can see Janelle with like 4 kids with 4 different baby’s dad’s. Well enough for now I could go on about more but wont….Congratulations Chelsea!!!

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