Nursery Sneak Peek! Amber Portwood’s New Baby Room Photos!

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Amber Portwood is currently pregnant with her second baby, this time a boy with her current boyfriend Andrew Glennon. The couple were unable to attend the weekend trip to NYC for the ‘Teen Mom OG’ reunion taping. According to a comment Andrew made on Instagram, Amber’s doctor recommended that she not travel. Instead it looks like they spent that time working on their little boy’s nursery!

Andrew shared the following photo on Instagram with the caption: “Nursery to be in a ‘Galactic Lite’ blue.


Amber’s brother Shawn recently shared a photo of the gift he made for the baby’s nursery, a gorgeous bedside table in a very similar (if not the same) shade of blue!


Ambie is due to give birth this summer to a baby boy that she and Andrew plan to name James! I can’t wait to see what the finished nursery will look like. Considering how beautiful the rest of Amber’s home is I’m sure it will be gorgeous!

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