‘Teen Mom Young + Pregnant’ Meet the Moms Special Airs TONIGHT!

The ‘Teen Mom’ franchise is expanding! A fresh batch of pregnant teenagers are making their debut on MTV tonight in the form of a ‘Meet the Moms’ special. The shows official premiere is Monday March 12th at 10pm but tonight we will get a sneak peek at the new moms of MTV at 8pm.

I’ve seen a lot of mixed reviews about another ‘Teen Mom’ show on Facebook and Twitter but I am SO excited to see a new show especially with the new format of showing 5 girls’ pregnancies over the course of a whole season. Which if you’ll remember is different than ’16 & Pregnant’ that gave each girl one episode to cram their entire story in. ‘Teen Mom Young + Pregnant’ will feature…

17 year old Lexi from Montrose, Colorado:

20 year old Jade from Indianapolis, Indiana:

20 year old Ashley from Antioch, California:

18 year old Kayla from Cortland, Illinois:

and 17 year old Brianna from Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

Are you excited for tonight’s special and next week’s premiere of ‘Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant?”

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