Briana DeJesus Discusses Her Future on ‘Teen Mom 2’ Amid Cancellation Rumors

After the recent firing of Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason there have been a lot of rumors about whether or not Jenelle will also be fired and the possible cancellation of the show. Other cast members seem to be preparing for an MTV-free future. Chelsea’s life is pretty stable with her hard working husband and her esthetician career to fall back on. Kailyn and Leah also have fall back projects in the works.

Briana however seems confident in her future on MTV. She gave a statement to BlastingNews saying “I am not going anywhere.Sorry to disappoint my haters, but that’s not happening. I plan to be around for as long as MTV will have me, my family, and our story, and as of right now, that’s all moving in a positive direction. So, no, I’m not quitting Teen Mom 2 nor am I leaving. You’ll be seeing me soon!

The ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast has been the source of a lot of controversy lately but I for one hope that the show continues. MTV is nearing the end of filming the upcoming season, so we know we DO have another season in our future! Do you think the show should go on? Who would your ideal cast be? Comment below!


  1. I love teen mom 2. I just forward throughBrianas part cause I cannot stand her and her family.

  2. Amazing post! I don’t want teen Mom as much as I used to but what saddens me is that if the show does cancel she’s not going to have any job to fall back on because the only money she’s making is from television.

  3. I love the show and cast but the drama and immaturity is out of control this season. Gives me a headache and please never let David back on his temper Is out of control. Guy needs some serious anger management and help. Praying for them and those kids!

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