‘Teen Mom’ Star Ashley Jones Accused of Faking Domestic Violence

Over the weekend ‘Teen Mom Young And Pregnant’ star Ashley Jones shared videos on Instagram of a fight with boyfriend Bar Smith. In one of the videos Ashley states that Bar “beats” her and “puts his hands on her.

Ashley Jones Teen Mom

In a now deleted video Ashley can be seen smacking herself hard in the face before ranting about Bar’s alleged abuse. She deleted the video and re-posted it with the beginning cut out and then again deleted the video all together… but not before a fan recorded the video on her phone. (Watch the Video Here)


Since the fight (and the fan backlash) both Ashley and Bar (and their moms) seem to have calmed down. Ashley shared another video explaining that “all couples fight” and that she loves Bar and wants for things to work with him. She also took to Twitter to apologize for the feud between herself and Bar’s mother Shen. “Said and did a lot of sh*t to my mother in law that wasn’t ok. I love her and her son and want to move forward because my daughter deserves it.

As for the hitting herself in the face… she says she was in no way trying to frame Bar and she actually never accused him of being the one to slap her. “Slapping myself to come to realization what I can’t have a mental break down , never once accused Bar of being the one to slap me, couples fight . Is that it is.”

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