Briana DeJesus: This Show Means Nothing to Me

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Briana DeJesus released a series of tweets on Wednesday insinuating that MTV May have put her children in danger…

After telling fans that she wanted to rant “but can’t” she went on to say that ‘Teen Mom 2’ means nothing to her when it comes to her kids.

“All I am going to say is, this ‘tv show’ I am on means nothing to me…the only thing I care about are both my kids…and if you are willing to put my kids in danger we got some real problems,” Briana tweeted.

She didn’t give any more details but considering the fact that this tweet came after a disparaging tweet about both her “baby daddies” perhaps the “danger” she’s referring to has something to do with them?

The scene between Luis, Briana and Stella in this week’s episode was uncomfortable and seemed very forced. Stella was shy when it came to her dad so Briana held on to her like she was protecting her from a rabid animal. Which seemed very odd.

What do you guys think? Is there a connection between Briana’s tweets and filming with Luis and/or Devoin?

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