Amber Portwood’s Son James No Longer a Part of ‘Teen Mom OG’

Amber Portwood’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon is currently fighting for full custody of their son James Glennon after Amber allegedly attacked Andrew in a manic rage on the 4th of July.

In response to a fan on Instagram who wanted more details on the current situation, James and Andrew are no longer a part of the MTV show.

“James and I aren’t a part of the show anymore it seems. Follow your ladies —-> they went that way.”

Andrew has been pretty vocal in the media about everything going on. “Andrew has been nothing but faithful and loving to Amber since the day they met,” an insider told UsWeekly. “All he wanted was a happy family with Amber, but her lack of self-care with her mental health disorders and choosing not to take her medications regularly has caused great stress among the two.”

Amber however has been quiet on social media but has had the ‘Teen Mom’ cast by her side for her latest court date. Even her ex Gary Shirley.

Amber’s brother Shawn also maintained her innocence in a recent interview.

“This whole thing is a setup and it has been from the beginning, the more I read about what’s going on,” Shawn told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “He’s trying to get her to pay for everything and make it to where the only thing he has to do is literally just look after the boy. It is not fair and she doesn’t deserve what’s happening to her.”

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  1. That is probably the truth. One minute they are madly in love and the next he is getting restraining orders and wants no contact with her and custody/money.

  2. Andrew is trying to act like he is a victim. He has known of Amber’ s mental issues and her background and yet he chose to pursue her. So he needs to stop acting like it all came suddenly. Also I’m sure he had to of done something to have set her off. He needs to man up and accept responsibility as well and stop trying to make her look like a villain. Also dude stop trying to making it seem like she is a monster. Lastly,Amber honey no one likes taking meds.but if you know that is what keeps you well and balanced then you not stop them specially so abruptly because now you see the outcome of doing that,you throw everything off balance and you say or do things that you know you would never do intentionally. Just remember this too shall pass. However I hope you now realize how dangerous it is on stopping your abruptly and without a doctor’s consent. Praying for you and your babies and for positive results from this ordeal. Please take good care of yourself and if not for yourself then for your babies they need their momma. A mother can never be replaced by anyone.

  3. Please… she Physically and mentally abused Gary who is one of the nicest guys around and now she did the same to another nice guy Andrew! She’s needs help! Not jail … mental help! Most of the scenes in the show were filmed with her in her bed because she can’t even get out of bed . Andrew is the one always taking care of the baby you can see that from The episodes that aired since he’s been born. I hope he gets custody of that baby, she wasn’t mentally stable enough to raise her daughter and she’s not mentally stable enough to raise this baby either!! Good luck Andrew!! You seem like a great man and father! Keep protecting that baby!

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