Jenelle Evans: “Everybody Hates Me…”

‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Jenelle Evans has had enough of the haters. She recently deactivated her twitter account and announced that she has depression.

“Bye Twitter, everyone hates me,” Evans tweeted. “Depression sucks and you’ve got what you wanted. Hope you’re happy. Just keep writing about me, but I’m out.”

Since Jenelle regained custody of her children she has been sharing short videos of life on the land on her Instagram. She usually showcases her many farm animals which still rubs followers the wrong way after their family dog was shot and killed by her husband.

She also recently announced the launch of her new product by JE Cosmetics. Jenelle’s eyebrow kit will be available September 19th, 2019.

It’s unclear if there was any one incident that caused Jenelle to deactivate her twitter but I can assume that it’s an overwhelming amount of negative comments on her social media posts. Jenelle often disables comments on the things she shares including her YouTube videos.

Do you think fans are being to hard on Jenelle? Comment below.


  1. She brought this on herself. Her dog was murdered by her stupid husband. What does she want people to say????? She’s dragging kids through this tumult and that’s not fair. They didn’t ask for her crap. No sympathy here.

  2. Yes, they need to worry about their own lives not hers anymore. Shes a grown woman, and it’s sad to see other WOMEN talking the way they are around this. IF shes in an abusive relationship and you have never been in it, dont talk. None of us know what happens behind closed doors, only what the media decides to share.

  3. She’s been happy to live the public lifestyle mtv money gave her for being an irresponsible teenager. Now she’s crying because she in the public eye? She did it to herself. Bottom line is, either he killed the dog & should be prosecuted or she filed a fake report & should be prosecuted. Bottom line, she earned the backlash.

  4. Just putting this out there but she live in backwoods north Carolina where they still spank kids at school. Not saying what her husband done was right but it’s in the country and that’s what they do . My mother had a dog that bit my child twice , twice was too many so she had him put down . But people that live out in the stick this isn’t uncommon to take the animal out back and kill them there self . So all I’m say is all you snowflake out here you want to stop animal cruelty become vegans and stop judging other people’s life and judge your on !

    • There’s a difference between putting a dog down and beating it half to death in front of the children. Do you not comprehend that? Do you not understand that seeing a parent be that violent would be damaging? Also, I am a vegan. But that has absolutely nothing to do with this. Even if I thought it was perfectly okay to beat a dog, which I don’t, it wouldn’t be okay in front of kids! So, “snowflake”, I suggest you read a book, perhaps get an education. Saying you’re country isn’t an excuse for ignorance veiled as condescension. Just putting that out there.

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