Taylor Selfridge Reveals She Was Pregnant w/Twins but Lost One Due to ‘Vanishing Twin Syndrome’

‘Teen Mom’ fans were shook back in October when Cory Wharton & girlfriend Taylor Selfridge announced they were having a baby! Everyone was still kind of hoping Cory and Cheyenne would end up together because they are such great co-parents to their daughter Ryder. However Cory & Taylor are going strong and thrilled to welcome their new addition to the world.

Taylor recently took to Instagram to reveal some surprising information about her pregnancy…

“I’m doing just fine. I’m happy, healthy, our baby is healthy. A few days after the announcement, we found out we were supposed to actually have twins, I ended up losing one of them. But on the positive side, my baby is healthy! And I’m 19 weeks now.”

She further explained to Us Weekly:

“We went in for a check-up on our baby and they had found a separate empty sac so we didn’t know that we had twins before that.”

Thankfully Taylor had no idea she was pregnant with twins so it seems she was able to deal with the loss and is staying positive.

“I was so stressed out during the first trimester that I was afraid it was my fault that happened and that’s what I struggle with now. Our baby is very healthy, we have no genetic issues to worry about after testing and we’re very happy about that.”

Taylor also wanted to clear up that what she had is not considered a miscarriage.

“I don’t like that people are calling it a miscarriage now. It’s called vanishing twin syndrome or disappearing twin syndrome,”

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