Chelsea Details Her Argument with Adam Lind’s Mother: “She Doesn’t Respect Me”

On the ‘Teen Mom 2’ Reunion Dr. Drew showed the scene from this season’s finale in which Chelsea DeBoer and Adam Lind’s mother have an argument over the phone. Lind’s mom wants Chelsea to allow Aubree and Adam to visit at the same time but right now Adam’s visitation is only allowed at Aubrees school and at a visitation center that Adam refuses to go to.

“It’s frustrating, I’m not good at confrontation at all but this time, I don’t know what it was, but I was just like I’ve had enough.”

After watching the clip Chelsea went on to explain her feelings about the situation.

“I feel like she doesn’t respect me as Aubree’s mom… She feels like she should be able to make these decisions and I asked her, ‘Why isn’t he calling and asking this? Why doesn’t he call on her birthday, does he want this or is this you?’ Her answer was it’s hard for her because she can’t have family gatherings with Aubree and him there.”

It’s clear to Chelsea that Adams mother isn’t recognizing Adam’s issues. He is the one she should be talking to about all of this. Chelsea has stated very clearly that if Adam takes the right steps he will be able to see Aubree more often. This includes getting a job and starting supervised visitation at the visitation center.


  1. How dare she inconvenience Adam’s mom when she wants to have a party, I mean what is more important Aubrees safety or moms party?

    Chelsea should be able to trust the grandmother would keep Aubree safe, she should be able to trust Adam as the father would keep her safe but they have both proven that it isn’t possible, she allows Adam to put that little girl in danger. Maybe if she cared about Aubrees safety Chelsea wouldn’t have to do this.

    Maybe if Adam cared about seeing Aubree as much as his mom they could talk about this & he would want to do the right thing for his daughter

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