Report: Amber Portwood Has A New Boyfriend!

Well it looks like ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood May have moved on to another older man! It is being reported by The Sun Online that Amber is dating 39 year old Dimitri Garcia.

An insider claims that the two have been chatting online for months after Dimitri reached out to Amber via social media. “He recently visited her and they hit it off. She really likes him.” Dimitri is from Belgium and is also a parent.

The news comes just months after Amber was arrested for for domestic violence against her son’s father Andrew Glennon. Amber is currently on probation and confined to the state of Indiana which means she cannot travel to see her new man.

What do you think of Amber’s alleged decision to date another man she met on social media? Leave a comment and let’s us know!

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  1. Great. Just what this girl needs… another guy she can move in within a month to spend her money on. Money that is supposed to be spent on Leah and James, too. When will this girl learn?! I swear, the bigger the train wreck, the more MTV loves them!!

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