Report: Jenelle Evans Has a New Boyfriend! Meet Her Hunky New Man

Well we all knew it was just a matter of time before ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans found herself a new companion!

It’s been 2 months since she left “The Land” and filed for divorce from her husband David Eason. According to The Ashley’s Reality Roundup Jenelle jetted off to Massachusetts to meet up with her new beau, 31 year old Herb Wilkinson.

Herb shared a short video clip to his Instagram of Jenelle sitting down at a table with him, in which he says “smile babe!”

So far what we know about Herb is that he is a recovering alcoholic and has had a couple run ins with the law. However his history is nothing compared to most of Jenelle’s ex lovers.

Wilkinson has also been on MTV! He was in an episode of “Is She Really Going Out with Him?” The title kind of gives away the fact that he was not liked by his then girlfriend’s family!

That all being said he’s super cute so what could go wrong… right?

Well let’s hope that Jenelle has learned from the past and hope that her judgment has improved at least a little bit!


  1. He’s with her for money and fame. She’s with him because she can’t be alone and needs penis. She’s such trash! Worry about your three children and stay away from men for once! Every man you’re around you fall in love with and end up pregnant( because they are your soul mate).I believe you make men mistreat you because of your attitude. Like I said worry about your children instead of yourself for once in your life! #trash #worstmomever

  2. Ur a very BEAUTIFUL and Smart young lady.. U deserve to have a GOOD MAN in ur life just becareful do back ground checks MOVE SLOW i watch u from day 1 ….

  3. She needs to take some time to “find” herself. This is a common mistake that women like her, that can not live without a man in their life make.

  4. You do this all the time. Meet man fall in love four months later. Hey pregnant, get married, then he treats u like crap. Dont do it.

  5. Good for her.. I hope Jenelle finds happiness and he treats her like a queen.. I feel like MTV did Jenelle wrong they should have to fire Amber.

  6. Janelle needs to stay off MTV and move on with her life without a TV. Give your children your full attention for once and work on getting a good job to support your own children and your habits.

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