Amber Portwood’s Son Suffering from Black Eye and Nose Injury After Being Bitten by Andrew Glennon’s Dog – Report

‘Teen Mom’ star Amber Portwood is heading back to court to fight for more visitation with her son James. Baby daddy Andrew allegedly jetted off for the holidays with their son, denying Amber time that she should have had with James. Now it appears that Andrew may have been trying to avoid telling Amber that their son had been attacked by Andrew’s family dog, an incident that landed James in the ER.

Andrew and James Glennon

According to a report from TMZ, Andrew told Amber on Christmas day that James had been “nipped” by the family dog. Three days later he sent her a photo of James who had a black eye and a bandage on his nose.


The MTV star now wants Andrew held in contempt of court for interfering with her visitation time. She also wants more time with James to make up for what she lost over the holidays.

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