Kailyn Lowry on Why 2 Year Old Lux Isn’t Potty Trained

The internet is a blessing and a curse, especially for the young moms of MTV. Fans of the ‘Teen Mom’ shows have no problem sharing their opinions of the girls’ parenting choices. Many also have no problem “Mommy shaming.”

A woman tweeted to Kail Lowry of ‘Teen Mom 2’ that “Lux needs to be out of diapers.

Kailyn doesn’t always respond to comments like this and while there were many fans jumping in to defend Kail right away she did respond stating, “Lux turned 2 in August. I’m not going to rush him into something based on someone else’s standards. What works for us is waiting until he’s ready. Not when IM ready.”

What do you think about potty training? When did your kids potty train?


  1. Mine was three. It’s when he was ready. As long as it dont carry on till 4 or 5. Depends on how advanced the child is. Could be 2 if that’s the case. But if you introduce it they may get ready faster.

  2. My daughter just turned 3 in December and she’s just now getting the hang of it.. With less and less potty in the pants….
    But my boys took long there minds are busy on playing…
    Don’t let anyone tell you when is good for your child…
    You do what’s best for LUX …
    He’s such a smart boy .. When he’s ready he will let u know..
    Your a great mom …

  3. My son was potty trained at 2 but my girl turned 3 in august and she still doesnt like going on the toilet she does go on it sometime but not most of the time but i feel like when she is ready she will go on it

  4. My oldest(son) was potty trained at 3. He was very stubborn with it. My second(daughter) has been potty trained since 22 months old. BUT she potty trained herself. One day she hated her pull ups and refused them and started going potty. It’s when the kid is ready. Although I do think by 3.5-4 they should be potty trained fully.

  5. My daughter was fully potty trained at 3. My second child (son) I’ve been working with him for while he’s 3 now practically is there now he just wont poop on potty. But wears underwear during day pull ups at night. My youngest Is 2 havent started he has down syndrome so that take awhile. Kail ur a great mom u do what works for y’all.

  6. My middle daughter literally is just now working on potty training and shell be 4 in may. I would of liked her to of been potty trained long before now but oh well. I think me pushing it may it take longer. Some kids just need more time with things

  7. All kids are different it’s not set in stone what age they should be toilet trained. Those folk who care that much on how she raises her kids should really get a life, and mind their own business.

  8. Every child does it when they’ve rdy u can drive urself crazy tryn to make it happen when u want but it won’t til they r rdy

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