Leah Messer Opens Up About Her Struggles with Addiction – New Details

‘Teen Mom 2’ star and mother of three, Leah Messer will be revealing new details about her struggle with addiction in a memoir that will release in May 2020.

Leah gave HollywoodLife a glimpse into what we can look forward to reading in the book.

“Some things that are in the book would be the whole situation revolving around me having an addiction and how all of that happened and where it led me to. I was suicidal and I go into details about exactly how I was suicidal and why I was suicidal. And had it not been for my kids, which is why I named my book Hope, Grace and Faith, I wouldn’t be here today. There would be no Leah.”

“There’s also a lot more, so they just really get to see my life from my perspective and not what they’ve seen on TV. “

Leah will also talk about her stint in rehab and what made her decide to seek treatment.

“I talk about how… they had me on morphine in the hospital when I had Addie. No one knows this because we actually weren’t even filming around this time. We took a break. And after I had Addie they just kept giving me pain medication and I kept taking them, I was very naive. And all of that is in detail and in my book.”

“Not even to this day I don’t have things that come up to where I want  — When I dropped it, I dropped it. There was no going back. Going through all of that I didn’t see what the world was seeing, which is also why I get to connect with others that are struggling with addiction, struggling with maybe breaking familial cycles. At that time in my life, honestly everyone could’ve told me until they were blue in the face that there was an issue. And it’s almost like when you’re struggling and in that place you don’t see it. It’s like you’re a completely different person in the same body. I think a lot of people, they don’t really realize that.”

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