Taylor Selfride Responds to Cory Wharton’s Anti-Vax Backlash!

‘Teen Mom OG’ & ‘The Challenge’ star Cory Wharton was on Instagram live on Tuesday, January 21st, answering questions from fans. One of the questions asked was whether or not Cory and Taylor were going to vaccinate their baby. The couple are expecting their first child together very soon and recently revealed they are having a girl.
During his Instagram live, Cory read one of the questions aloud and gave a very quick answer. “Will you vaccinate? Nope!”
Cory’s fans were horrified by this because as we all know Cory and Cheyenne’s daughter Ryder has a condition known as VLCAD and a weak immune system.
The backlash of comments were overwhelming and finally Taylor took to her own Instagram to address the situation. 
“Guys…we will be vaccinating the baby. Cory didn’t even read the full question before he answered it and I wasn’t paying attention lol it wasn’t that deep. But yes we will when the baby is here.” -Tylor

What do you think about vaccinating? Comment your thoughts below!


  1. She also said something about everyone needing to relax bc it’s none of anyone else’s business!! While I agree, it’s dangerous to not vaccinate bc of Ryder’s condition, I also agree it’s no one else’s business what they do with their kid!! Another thing, Corey read the whole question, he just had an idiotic response… like always!!! Taylor just had to do quick damage control!!

  2. She gave into pressure from individuals she dose not even know. It is their decision as parents and their decision alone to decide if they want to vaccinate their child. No one needs to explain anything to society or people in the world if it is not concerning them. Do not feel pressured from people who don’t pay your bills or live your life.

  3. As a mum of 3 I will say all of mine had all of there’s as kids but it should be down to each person to make the decision for there own family but with his other daughter having the illness then he should get some info and think of both of e kids

  4. It’s actually more dangerous to vaccinate and be around Ryder. Some vaccines shed. I have a son who had a kidney transplant. None of my kids are vaccinated.

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