Rachel Beaver Finally Reveals Daughter Hazlee’s Real Father!

‘Teen Mom Young and Pregnant’ Star Rachel Beaver has finally revealed which of her ex boyfriends is the father of her daughter Hazlee. In Rachel’s intro to the show she says, “This is Drew. My ex and my baby’s father. At least, that’s what I think… because I’ve been on and off with him and his best friend Jacob, Drew isn’t convinced that the baby is his and hasn’t even been there for me at all.”


Now however Rachel says that there was never a question in her mind about who the baby’s father really is. “I’ve known my baby’s father from the jump. Quit asking me who her dad is.” Rachel took to Instagram to finally reveal the identity of Hazlee’s dad.

Rachel TMYP

“Her father is clearly Drew. I just said she was Jacobs because I was DUMB & wanted a family so bad & Drew didn’t want to be there for her and Jacob did. I literally lived with Drew and had JUST broke up with him when I found out I was pregnant.”

“Everything that’s being aired was months ago. Yall wanna judge me on my past lmao & it’s fine. I look back at dumb shit I’ve said and done & I think of my own growth.”


There you have it folks. Drew is the baby daddy. It looks like Rachel only acted like it could be Jacob’s because she wanted him to stick around and take on that father role for Hazlee. (Why? I am still unsure.) What do you think? Comment your thoughts below!


  1. MTV reached an all new low when they started filming this chick!!! Idk what made them pick her…although I’m sure her storyline about 2 best friends possibly being the dad had something to do with it!!!! What was even worse was that, in last week’s episode, she was almost in the same situation all over again! Talk about stupid!!!!!!!!! I feel terrible for this girl’s daughter… her mom clearly isn’t going to get it together! She’d rather go out, party and have unprotected sex than be a mom this little baby deserves! This is why kids shouldn’t have kids!!!!!! I get more and more disgusted every week when I watch this girl!

    • God I keep thinking the same thing. The whole family is just trash!! Dumb doesn’t even come close to what I think about her! Her sister is even worse!

  2. She (and her family) are the trashiest shite trash slobs I have ever seen! I can’t stand to look at them.

  3. MTV never should of took this reckless family on air mtv needs to have better judgment. Even her sister is a pathetic mother I don’t understand why D fax hasn’t been called in. This girl has no idea who that babies daddy is and it’s sad for them little kids to live in that nasty home and nasty talking in front of them. I don’t even watch it anymore. AT ALL !!!!!

  4. I think it was on social media that she said child protective services comes to her house constantly! She blamed it on the show though. She said people see her on tv and they call on her but they have nothing on her so they leave! Girl, do you see how you have your child living??? Thats reason enough to take her the hell away! Between her and her sister, idk who’s worse! I’d have to go with the sister though!!

  5. Wow! O.k. so her sister is a very shitty mom yes!! However she is way better than her. She actually wants her daughter and is not going out every night and making their mom take care of her. Also! They’re mom is an amazing grandma and mother to all! She is not trash as you all called the whole family. Why are they all trash? Cuz they live in a trailer? Where you are living doesn’t define who we are as people. Actions do! Not homes! Her sister is a bit of a wild child and as much as I disagree with her wanting to sign her daughter over to her mom I do applaud her for choosing this over a lot of messed up people who would just kill their baby or neglect them badly. They are all at Least trying which is way more than a lot of sickoes out there. <3

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