‘Unexpected’s’ McKayla & Caelan Break Up… AGAIN! This Time on Their Daughter’s First Birthday.

It’s about time we start reporting on the TLC show about teen pregnancy and parenting called ‘Unexpected.’ If you’re reading this you’re probably already a fan of the show but if not we highly recommend it for a more realistic view of young motherhood.

Now on to the tea. It looks like couple McKayla & Caelan have broken up yet again. Shocker. As seen on the recent season of ‘Unexpected’ McKayla & Caelan we’re not together during the pregnancy and birth of their daughter Gracelynn. In fact McKayla had a new boyfriend during that time. However since the end of Season 3 the two got back together. It should be noted that the couple have two children together, Timmy and Gracelynn, and at one point they were engaged to be married.

Even with their reconciliation they decided to follow through with their custody court case just in case things between them went down hill again… and they did.

Fast forward to Gracelynn’s first birthday on Wednesday January 29th when the couple got into a heated argument leading to their breakup, un-break up and then breakup again. Starcasm gives an awesome detailed breakdown of the day but I’m just gonna give you the key points.

The courts require Caelan to determine paternity of the two kids in order for him to solidify his parental rights. This test apparently costs $480. According to Caelan, McKayla agreed to pay this fee for him because they are in a relationship and he has been laid off from work until recently.

McKayla changed her mind about wanting to pay for the test because she had been paying all the bills while Caelan has been out of the job. For whatever reason they decided to fight about this on their daughter’s birthday which prompts their entire family to get involved in the drama.

McKayla’s side: “We are going to court right now and he was supposed to do testing for the kids, like paternity testing, so the courts know that the kids are his, and he asked me for money for it. I said “No” because it’s $480 that I don’t have because I have been paying all the bills. He has not had a job. He has not had money to pay any bills. Maybe the only bill he’s paid a few times is our rent-to-own bill for our bed set and dressers. That’s it. I’ve paid for everything else, and if he says different it’s a lie. But, like I said, you can believe whatever you want. So, I have been paying for everything. I paid for the down payment. I paid the first month’s rent. I paid for every month’s rent. I paid all of our electric, and gas, and wi-fi bills, our couch bill. So, yeah, because I’m the only one working”

Live streams were made, accusations were thrown, youtube videos were uploaded and police were called.

Caelan’s side: “I’m laid off right now… I just got a new job working for the railroad. It’s cool. I was about to get money and McKayla said she would pay for it ahead of time because it was four hundred and some dollars… You spend more than that on medical marijuana… You spend more than that on tattoos. You spend more than that on hair stuff. This is about doing what’s right in case we ever break up again.”

The couple lived in a home across the street from McKayla’s grandparents (also shocking) and so McKayla was able to easily leave. She returned to the home the next day with a police officer to (according to Caelan) make sure she could get her clothes and makeup.

My takeaway from all this is that these two just are not meant to be. At least not right now. There is far too much immaturity and anger here for them to be in an adult relationship. What do you think? Comment your thoughts below!


  1. Yes I agree. They both need to grow up an be Adults. They both decided to have kids together so grow up an raise ur kids. Quick acting like children. U both wanted to have sex an that made u both have kids. Grow up

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