Kailyn Lowry Confirms She is Pregnant with Her 4th Child

The rumors have been circulating for a while now about whether or not Kailyn is pregnant with her second child by On and off boyfriend Chris Lopez. Currently Kailyn has an order of protection from Chris who has recently been physically abusive. (In fact, you can read about his recent arrest here)

Kailyn took to her Instagram today, February 4th, to announce the pregnancy. She did so in partner with the “Peanut App” so that she would be paid for the news.

“We’re confirming the news, baby #4 is coming soon!” Kailyn captioned a photo of herself and three boys holding sonogram photos.

“I’m almost 16 weeks pregnant & it’s been a rough few months this time around. I’ve had nausea, morning sickness, and absolutely no energy. This week I’m starting to feel a bit better and I’m really hoping it stays this way!”

Kail has proven that she can do motherhood on her own and right now that’s what it looks like will continue to happen with this baby. Unless Chris finally comes around and decides he wants to settle down with Kail… but after all the recent violence and abuse who knows if that’s even something to root for. What do you think? Comment below!


  1. Kail you are better than you think, you deserve better than being treated that way. You wouldn’t have taken that from Joe or Javi so don’t take it from Chris either!!!
    You got this girl, shoulders back, chin up & hair flowing in the breeze!

  2. She needs to stay away from the bad boys and get on the right track. Date the kind of man you deserve that will appreciate all you do and do for you in return. Chris is a loser like so many are these days.

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