A Warrant Has Been Issued for the Arrest of Unexpected’s Max Schenzel

‘Unexpected’ Star Max Schenzel now has a warrant out for his arrest after his probation officer decided to revoke his probation.

Max was originally sentenced to 3 months in jail after stealing credit cards and cash from a friends grandmother.

Since then Max has struggled to meet the requirements of his probation. He has a number of violations, according to a report by Starcasm, including failing to submit drug screens, not attending counseling regularly and not paying his probation fees. On top of that Max was arrested in December for assaulting the mother of his daughter Chloe Mendoza.

While his probation officer has come to his defense and given him the benefit of the doubt up until now she has finally decided that enough is enough. On February 3rd she submitted the petition to revoke Max’s probation and ordered a warrant for his arrest. A judge has signed off on this request.

His bond will be set at $900.

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