Jenelle Evans Gives An Update On Life In Nashville After Spending The Weekend With David Eason

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans has been making headlines again this week after being spotted out and about with her estranged husband David Eason over the weekend.

According to TMZ the two were out together (without the kids) Friday night at Famous Dave’s BBQ in Hermitage, TN.

The two went out again Saturday night to Jason Aldean’s the Kitchen & Rooftop Bar in Nashville. It’s hard to imagine that the two are heading out to dinner and drinks two nights in a row without their kids just to “co-parent.” Which is the story Jenelle keeps pushing lately while receiving a huge backlash from fans.

An Instagram account (Without a Crystal Ball) shares a screen shot of Jenelle wearing what appears to be her wedding ring. Others have also said they spotted her wearing her ring again.

Fans have been speculating that Jenelle may be getting back together with David now that her contract with MTV (and chance to be on the show again) is coming to an end in April 2020. The rumor that this whole separation was a hoax in order to get Jenelle back on ‘Teen Mom 2’ has been circulating since the two broke up in October 2019.

Today Jenelle posted a blog on her website titled “How’s Nashville?” In this blog she talks about moving to TN and searching for the right “celebrity neighborhood” to settle down in. She talks about how all the kids are thriving and how everything is great so far…

“I think this was the healthiest decision I’ve ever made whether it was worth it or not. This time has given me a lot to put into perspective about my family and living my life.”

Posting this after spending the weekend with David could be to throw us off, or it could be Jenelle realizing she doesn’t want to go backward in her life. Let’s hope it’s that.

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  1. Its jenelles life let here live it the way she wants. If shes happy let her be happy. Dont judge! We’ve all done things in life we aren’t happy with. Jenelle has changed so dont judge! Let her and her family live life.

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