Chris Lopez to Tell All on Relationship with Kail Lowry in New Documentary

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kailyn Lowry is preparing to have her second child with ex boyfriend Chris Lopez. The two have been on and off for years and their relationship has become toxic and violent over the past year. Kailyn obtained a restraining order against Chris when he allegedly assaulted her.

“Man, y’all getting the other side, y’all getting the part that y’all want,” Chris says in a clip of the trailer. “I got tired of hearing about me not being on TV, I got tired about being on social media and all this other stuff, so now I’m letting y’all in on my world a little bit. I’ll speak on, you know, my failures, you know, my disappointments, trials, tribulations, things that’s been said about me.”

Chris wants to give his side of the story and take fans(?) along on his journey to become a boxer.

It will be interesting to hear what he could possibly say to defend his arrests for domestic violence… and why he has not been involved with his son Lux. Will you be watching?

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