Jenelle Eason Discusses Depression, Online Hate, & Former Co-Stars on ‘Dumb Blonde’ Podcast

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Eason (Evans) recently guest starred on the ‘Dumb Blonde’ podcast. While he is not shown in the video and did not join the interview, David Eason accompanied Jenelle to the podcasts recording in Nashville, TN.

Host of the podcast, Bunnie sits down with Jenelle to chat about her former co-stars, how Jenelle is dealing with online haters and her contract with MTV.

Bunnie kicks off the interview by commending Jenelle for being one of the more “real” cast members. Which leads them into talking about one of the more “fake” teen moms, Farrah Abraham! Jenelle agreed that Farrah is “a mess” but reveals that Farrah is the reason that she applied for a spot on ’16 & Pregnant.’

“Once I saw her, and she was an innocent little cheerleader back then… while I was watching it, I was like 7 months pregnant and I was like ‘you know what, I wonder if they’re looking for people,’ so I jest went on, went to casting calls, then I just e-mailed them. They said email us your story… take a video tour of your house, I did that and then they flew down, met me like two days later and we started filming.”

Jenelle is then asked if she’s still friends with any of the girls from ‘Teen Mom 2’ and what the other girls are doing.

“Me and Brianna are civil… Chelsea just kind of lays back and does her own thing. And then you got Kail, I feel like she just talks sh*t all the time. And then Leah she just… I think she’s just confused what to do with herself right now. I think all of us are just kind of confused too like what do we post? How do we post? We don’t have a team for that either, it’s always just us. We don’t get offered managers from MTV.”

Jenelle receives quite a bit of online harassment within her social media presence, she admits that this has caused her some anxiety and depression.

“Since I’ve been off TV it seems like everyone is wanting to know about my life 10 times harder and I’m just sitting here like… trying to lay low and it’s not working out because everyone is trying to dig. It gets annoying and then they make assumptions and then articles get posted that aren’t true.”

Bunnie gives Jenelle the opportunity to clear up any rumors or speculations that are floating (cough:: you’re back with your ex-husband ::cough) and here’s what she said:

“I would say I’m just living my life right now. I’m not being filmed so I would like this time to have my privacy.”

One of the more surprising (but not really surprising) things that Jenelle discusses is why she moved to Nashville. In October of 2019 Jenelle left her husband David Eason and fled to TN. She obtained an order of protection from David claiming that she was in fear of her and her children’s safety. In the interview however Jenelle claims that she moved to Nashville temporarily to explore business opportunities.

Watch the full interview below:

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  1. We all knew the “separation” from David was to just feel out the execs at MTV and see if she could get her job back. All a ploy…because they are going broke!

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