Mackenzie Edwards Defends Ryan Edwards for Teasing Son Bentley on the Golf Course

‘Teen Mom OG’ fans were outraged over this week’s episode in which Ryan Edwards and his family take Bentley out for a day of golf and tease Bentley about losing. In the episode Maci and Taylor McKinney put on their best stoic expressions when they say how pumped Benny will be to go golfing with his dad. Since all of his legal trouble, and stint in rehab, it doesn’t seem that he was able to spend a lot of time with Bentley so this outing was a great opportunity for them to bond. (Although since this season was filmed Maci has said the co-parenting relationship has improved. Read more about that here.)

Ryan, Mackenzie, Jen, Larry and Bentley hit the golf course all smiles but things soon took a turn when Ryan started teasing Bentley for losing. (Or being behind in the game. Honestly I know nothing about golf so I’m not even sure what was happening.) Bentley was clearly annoyed and expressed his feelings briefly to Jen and Larry while riding in the golf cart. Ryan and Mackenzie snickered from their own golf cart about Bentley being mad.

Fans went wild on social media calling Ryan out as being more of an annoying older brother than a dad. His mother even told him to stop which is kind of hysterical considering Ryan is a grown man.

Mackenzie took to twitter to defend her husband and let everyone know that the “smack talk” was all a part of the fun. “It was friendly competition… Everyone had planned this golf trip weeks in advance with all of the smack talk that went along with it. We had a great time!”

In response to a comment that Bentley “looks afraid” of Ryan Mackenzie stated, “I can see how you would think that through the show’s lens, but that’s not the case in person.”

What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think this was all fun and friendly competition? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  1. The only reason Mackenzie is still around is because she is enabling him to do whatever he wants. Disgusting, is jealous of Bentley??

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