Jenelle & David Eason Fighting Again – “My Phone is Smashed”

‘Teen Mom 2’ star, Jenelle Eason (Evans) announced recently in a Q & A video that she has returned to her home in North Carolina to try to work out her marriage with husband David. She claimed that a lot has changed and that their relationship had already improved. Unfortunately it looks like the couple may have already returned to their toxic and dysfunctional ways.

Jenelle shared a series of alarming Facebook posts on April 1st, according to a new report from Starcasm.

Can’t trust a soul…. EVER 💔 When will it stop?” She later added, “My phone is smashed so if anyone needs to get a hold of me message me on here.

Jenelle’s Facebook doesn’t appear to be public at the moment, she and David also no longer follow each other on Instagram.

It seems that Jenelle was talked into coming back to the land and regrets that choice. “Someone take me away, far away,” she said.

Since Jenelle has returned to her home and marriage she has refrained from sharing much about David publicly on social media. David however has beamed on Instagram with several posts about the kids and Jenelle.

After a day of hanging out with the kids on their boat and a nearby secluded beach David wrote, “You will always be the love of my life @j_evans1219 I’m so happy that we have become so close and bonded recently. Here’s to a lifetime of our own kind of quarantine, boat rides, ATV trails, living off the land, etc. I don’t think we are going to have a hard time staying secluded lol we already have been for awhile 🤣🤣”


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