Jenelle Evans Explains How Her Phone Really Got Smashed

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans recently had a social media meltdown in which it seemed obvious that she and husband, David Eason, were back to fighting.

The couple recently reconciled after Jenelle left David in October of 2019, took the kids and moved to TN. Since being back on the land in NC Jenelle has refrained from sharing too much about David and her home life. She did claim in a Q&A video on her YouTube channel that things have been going well.

On April 1st Jenelle shared a series of posts on Facebook and Instagram that indicated someone had betrayed her and broken her trust. Also that her children are the ONLY ones that make her happy. (No mention of her husband…) On this same day Jenelle revealed that her phone was “smashed.”

Jenelle later took to her Instagram stories to say that she was just having a bad day and her online outburst didn’t have a thing to do with her husband, David.

“If I post I’m having a bad day stop assuming it’s because of my husband. Everyone’s having a hard time coping being at home with kids 24/7 and things can get tense some days. I post my feelings sometimes hoping people can simply relate.”

Jenelle then told Celebernation, what actually happened to her phone was this:

“I was cleaning out my truck and didn’t realize i had dropped my phone, when i moved the truck to its regular spot after cleaning it i heard a small crackle sound… I was hoping it wasn’t my phone since i didn’t see it inside the truck, but it was.”

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