Mackenzie Edwards Says Maci Bookout LIED About Jagger’s 1st Birthday Party Invite

In a recent episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Maci Bookout explains to her friends that her son Bentley will have to miss his brother’s first Birthday party due to a family trip. Maci claims that Bentley’s dad and step-mom (Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards) gave them a last minute invitation, preventing them from changing their vacation plans.

If I would have gotten this a month ago I could have moved things around,” Maci tells her friends… indicating that the invite was last minute and if she had known a month prior she could have changed the trip.

According to an interview with Mackenzie, conducted by Katie Joy (Without a Crystal Ball), Maci did know ahead of time. 2 months ahead of time in fact. Mackenzie says she actually changed Jagger’s Birthday party date to accommodate Maci and she still didn’t show up.

I changed the invitations and everything…” She said she sent out the revised invitations (with the specific date of Maci’s choosing) three weeks before the party. Maci didn’t contact her about not being able to make it to the party until 2 days prior.

This makes me question the scene in which Maci tells her friends about the party. Was it filmed before her trip or after? This wouldn’t be the first time that Maci filmed a scene in which she was “re-creating” and acting.

Mackenzie also says that she thought that she and Maci were working out a better relationship but after watching this season realizes it was all a lie. “I feel so stupid,” she said.

Check out Katie’s full video on Mackenzie and Ryan below:


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