Pregnant Kailyn Lowry Gives Baby Update After Her Fall Down the Stairs and Ankle Injury!

‘Teen Mom 2’ star had an unfortunate fall down the stairs of her home on April 13th 2020. Kailyn is currently 25 weeks pregnant with her fourth child. She took to her Instagram stories to explain what lead to her tumble down the stairs.

“This morning I got up at like 6:30 to let my dogs out, and I was reading a text on my phone,” Kailyn explained. “I missed the last three stairs so I fell and I was really scared. I called for [my son] Isaac and [his friend] Kaden to come get me because I thought that I broke my ankle.”

She went on to joke about the fact that the boys were more concerned with how they were getting to their dad’s houses than her injuries.

“Long story short, I sprained my ankle and I’m on crutches so it’s been a really good time, but the baby is OK.”

Thankfully Kail’s ex husband Javi was able to pick up the kids and help her out. She shared the following photo of her ankle today.


  1. Oh my that’s bad and the dr say it is not broken WOW!!!!Hope you get to walking soon.

  2. I’m glad the baby is ok. With that being said that’s what Kail gets!! She does the same thing with her phone while driving! Why is this even a story?

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