Catelynn & Tyler Baltierra Reportedly Over $800k in Tax Debt!

It’s tax season, which can be really stressful for anyone who is a private contractor like the cast of ‘Teen Mom.’

When the guys and gals of the show get paid, taxes are not taken out. This means that the cast is responsible for putting money aside to pay their taxes every year. (Which many of the cast struggle with… check out The Ashley’s breakdown of all the teen moms who have struggled with this!)

The MTV couple were hit with a tax lean in November/December of 2019. Here is a break down of what is owed according to Starcasm.

Unpaid taxes for 2016: $207,416.19
Unpaid taxes for 2017: $327,594.78
Unpaid taxes for 2018: $321,789.06
Total lien amount for unpaid taxes: $856,800.03

The OG members of ‘Teen Mom’ (including Tyler and Gary) make well over $300,000 per year. They all have purchased lavish homes, pricey vehicles and taken many expensive vacations, seemingly without concern for the taxes they owed.

If the cast was unable to pay down their taxes at the end of the year it would mean that they either didn’t care to pay OR couldn’t pay because they had spent all of their money for the year.

Tyler recently opened up about how much money he and the kids have made from the show. Read more about that here.

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