Leah Messer Opens Up About Dating Someone New

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Messer recently opened up about her dating life in a new interview. Fans of the show are still wondering if there is a chance of Leah working out her relationship with, ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert. The two were back and forth about their possible reconciliation during the last season.

Leah clarifies in a new interview with Us Weekly that she and Jeremy are not going to get back together. They have agreed that their relationship would not work with their different lifestyles.

“Jeremy is a great, great guy. We’re great friends, but any more than that, it doesn’t align with my life, it doesn’t align with his life. I don’t know what he’s thinking, but we are perfectly happy the way things are.”Leah Messer

Leah revealed in her upcoming memoir that she lied to Jeremy about miscarrying their baby, and that she actually had an abortion due to her lingering feelings for her ex-husband Corey Simms. Leah says that she wasn’t honest with Jeremy until they were getting divorced.

“I was devastated. Having a baby with Jeremy would be the end of any chance Corey and I had of making things work for our family. I was sad for myself, but mostly I was sad for our girls. I knew I had f**ked up, and I felt like I had ruined their lives on top of mine.”Hope, Grace & Faith

In my heart I never wanted to question a woman on that. Eventually she did tell me the truth and it was upsetting to hear,” Jeremy told the Sun. “She’s grown up so much now and I’m proud of the woman she’s become,” he said. Since then they have been able to move past the situation and become great co-parents to their daughter Addy.

It wasn’t until I was finally able to bring myself to tell Jeremy what had really happened that I started to realize that as long as I was living with the lie it would keep eating away at me. I carried the pain and the guilt around with me for years, until I finally got to the point where I could hold myself accountable for my choices without punishing myself for them.”Hope, Grace & Faith

Leah was asked if she was dating anyone special, to which she laughed and said it depends on what you consider dating. Is she in a serious relationship with one person? No. She is however casually dating and talking with lots of guys.

I’m dating a bunch of people, doing my thing, living my best life and if the right one comes along, fantastic! I am perfectly content with the way it is now,” she said.

Leah’s book, Hope, Grace & Faith, is set to be released May 5, 2020. Click here to pre-order.

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