Cheyenne Floyd Scolds MTV for ‘Teen Mom OG’ Sneak Peek: Stop Making Me Look Crazy!

In this week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’ Cory Wharton gives Cheyenne Floyd the news that his girlfriend Taylor is pregnant. A sneak peek of the episode was shared to the ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram page and Cheyenne is not happy about how her reaction is portrayed.

Cory and Taylor announced their pregnancy publicly in October of 2019:

“My first baby 🙏🏻 I’ve been praying for you since the day I found out about you. You’re the love of my life already and I can’t wait to see whose little nose you got, what color eyes you have, I can’t wait to see your first cry, your first smile, if you’re a boy or girl, I can’t wait to see your eyes open and you look at me. You were made out of love and happiness. You have the best daddy who loves you so much already. And the best part is you already have a big sister! 🥰 I can’t wait for the rest of my life with you. 🤱🏼🍼
Cory you are already the most amazing father to Ryder and I see it everyday and I know our child is so lucky to have you as his or hers. Thank you for everything you do for me, I’m blessed to have you for this next chapter of our lives
💛” -Taylor Selfridge, Instagram.

In the ‘Teen Mom’ sneak peek Cory tells Cheyenne that Taylor is pregnant and it cuts to Cheyenne making a confused and unhappy face. In the comments section of the Instagram clip Cheyenne says, “I wish you guys would show my actual reaction and stop making me look crazy.”

Cheyenne was actually happy for Cory and Taylor. “It’s definitely one big, weird, blended, dysfunctional family,” Cheyenne told E! News. “I actually helped them plan their gender reveal and gave them all the vendors and places to call. People hear that and they’re like, ‘You helped your child’s father plan their new child’s gender reveal?’ and it sounds so weird but it works for us.”

Catelynn Lowell agreed with Cheyenne that it is unfortunate that the show edits things in a negative way. Earlier this season Catelynn was upset that she and Tyler were left out of Cheyenne’s fundraising event scene even though they were both there, showing their support.

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