MTV Stars Cory Wharton & Taylor Selfridge Welcome Their Baby Girl!

Cory Wharton of MTV’s the Challenge went live early this morning on Instagram to share the news that Taylor Selfridge has given birth to their baby girl!

Corey gushed over the 8-9lb bundle of joy while thanking fans for their support.

“She’s here! I can’t believe this man! I just wanted to tell you guys she’s here, everybody’s safe, everybody’s healthy. I most importantly want to say thank you to you guys cause I know… you guys have been asking if Taylor’s Ok and it means a lot. Taylor’s fine, the baby is gorgeous, she looks just like me, I can’t wait to show you guys.”

The couple aren’t revealing the baby’s name just yet. They will most likely do that when they share the first photos of the baby’s face. Cory continued to gush over Taylor and the hard work that is labor and delivery:

“That’s a long process dog, I give all the women a ton of credit cause that process is no joke. The baby is big, I’m talking, oh my God. She’s between 8 and 9 pounds. I’ve always wanted a little chunky baby!”

More details to come so stay tuned!

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  1. Why does he look like hes breast feeding LOL
    Congratulations!!!! With parents as beautiful as you and taylor… no doubt shes a beautiful baby!!!

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