Leah Messer Details Fight That Put a Girl in the Hospital in New Book: “Something inside me just snapped”

‘Teen Mom 2’ star Leah Messer’s upcoming book, Hope, Grace & Faith, is full of shocking revelations from her past. From the abortion/miscarriage scandal to drug addiction to childhood trauma, this is going to be one compelling read!

In a new excerpt shared by The Ashley, Leah details the time she was in a childhood fight club that paved the way for her to beat a girl into the hospital in high school.

At the time of the beat down, Leah was dating Robbie Kidd who had peaked the interest of another girl. When Leah found out about this other girl trying to steal her man she became enraged. She was encouraged to fight the girl by her mother and grandmother. So Leah ended up doing just that in her high school hallway.

“Something inside me just snapped and the impulse to fight completely took over,” Leah wrote. “This time, I didn’t give her a warning or time to run away. I just walked up to her and punched her in the face. She was definitely shocked, but it only took her a second to fight back. And then it was just an all-out brawl. At some point, we must have fought our way back into the classroom because I remember having her leaned over the top of one of the computers and hitting her over and over again.”

“It was like all this rage that had been simmering under the surface had finally boiled over and I couldn’t stop,” she continued. “That primal instinct to protect what I had, took over and nothing else mattered. In the end, it took two male teachers to pull me off of her.”

“I had beaten the girl so badly that she ended up in the hospital and her family pressed charges against me for juvenile assault,” Leah wrote. “I was suspended from school for three days, I had to see a parole officer once a month for six months, and my grandma had to pay the girl’s hospital bill.”

Leah’s book is available for pre-order here.

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