Chelsea & Cole DeBoer’s Home Build Update! Follow Their Journey

On the last season of ‘Teen mom 2,’ Chelsea and Cole DeBoer decided to buy some land so they could build their dream home. This happened not long after their current home was broken into. “I want to move,” was Chelsea’s initial reaction to the break in, but the couple have stayed at the home and decided that if they are going to relocate it needs to be to their forever home, so they then put together a team to build their dream farmhouse.

“We got a dream team behind us 👏🏼👏🏼 so excited to watch our visions come to life@pride_built @maggie_miller_realtor”

The MTV stars broke ground on their new home in early April 2020, and were able to stay on schedule with the build through that month despite the global pandemic. Chelsea and Cole have created an Instagram account to document their home build journey: @downhomedeboers. “Bringing our farmhouse dreams to life 🖤”

So far we know that the home will sit on 25 acres of land, will have a large basement, walk out patio from the dining room and a black barn! Chelsea has been sharing photos of the build process and Instagram stories of the journey as well.

That’s a beautiful view…and I’m not just talking about that a**. Taking it allllll in. It’s gonna be pretty wild watching this place transform into home!!”

Follow the DeBoer’s home build on Instagram and leave your thoughts on their farmhouse dreams below!

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  1. Congratulations DeBoers on the start of your adventure building your dream home for your beautiful family. Sending best wishes to you all.

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