Amber Portwood Says This Season Has Been One of the Roughest in New Video Interview!

‘Teen Mom OG’ Amber Portwood popped up in a rare interview on June 2nd in which she talks about this season of the show and her relationship with ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

“This season has been one of the roughest seasons for me because I have not been able to speak out as much as I have wanted to,” Amber told AP News. “It was hard, with social media and things like that, I had to give it up because I was fighting and fighting and fighting for myself and it turned into a team, what team is somebody on.”

Amber talked about her relationship with Andrew right now and the visitation arrangement for their son James. “We were cordial to a certain extent for James. We do what the courts say that we need to do in order to speak and I think that someone out there said that I had supervised visitation and that’s not true.”

Being on a reality television show during her court battle over custody and visitation for her son has caused her a great deal of stress. “This season I honestly have not been able to watch it because there’s just, you know, things about tv, when you cram so much together things get misconstrued.”

Amber admits that she has made a lot of mistakes in her past and that she has finally learned from those dark situations. Her focus is now where it should be, on her mental health and her children.

“I wasn’t thinking about myself for a very long time. I wasn’t understanding that what I was doing was not making me happy, that there was something else that was wrong with me that I was trying to fill. Trying to fill this emptiness in me with men and other things [instead of] what I really wanted to fill it with because of past things I’ve done [that] I had guilt over.

It was when I realized that I said ‘enough is enough,’ now it’s time to spend time with your kids. It’s time to spend time with the psychiatrist. Every week I go see my psychiatrist and do what other things I have to do as well.”


  1. I’m sorry but Amber put this upon on herself and shouldn’t blame anyone for her actions expect her and should have thought it before going after Andrew especially where their son was in his arms!! And her knowing the consequences for her actions will have a everlasting affect especially since she done it before!!!

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