Chelsea and Cole DeBoer’s New Home! New Photos and Update on the Build:

‘Teen Mom 2’ stars Chelsea and Cole DeBoer have been building their dream home for the past several months and things are really starting to take shape! “We officially have a roof!” Chelsea shared to the “Down Home DeBoers” Instagram page.

WHAT.A.WEEK. Such a big week for the house! First of all….STAIRS! I was so excited to see the stairs put in and be able to walk the little catwalk 😭🙌🏼 also…holy moly. The decision week. We went and made so many of the big decisions for the kitchen, flooring, cabinets etc. and for us…it was a BLAST.

1. We went into everything having an idea of what we wanted, but we also both had an open mind. There were a couple times we went in to an appointment with a vision and came out with something completely different (and awesome!) ..other times we went in knowing what we wanted and got exactly that.

2. There was some compromising. Things that Cole was set on and I was either or about so we went with his idea. Things I was dead set on so we went with mine. Compromise the shit out of things.

3. We both agree that our builders were one of the main reasons this week ended up being so fun. @pride_built came to all of our appointments with us and helped us create our vision. We fully trust their opinion and know that they see our vision and help us create it. Get yourself some bomb ass builders because I can’t stress enough how much they’ve been a part of making this process fun. 🖤”

“Wrapping up day 1 of picking out interior finishes. 0 fights or arguments. I’ll call that a WIN in the home building process!”

Chelsea and Cole continue to document and share their home build process via Instagram and we can’t wait to see the finished product! Stay tuned for more DeBoer home updates!


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