Full Breakdown of the Feud Between Maci Bookout & Mackenzie Edwards in New Interviews – “Her straw broke and she’s still thirsty.”

It looks like the feud between ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars Maci Bookout and Mackenzie Edwards wont be ending any time soon. Maci recently responded to remarks Mackenzie made in an Instagram Live interview and I’m going to recap the whole situation as best I can! There’s a lot of ground to cover here so lets get started.

Mackenzie Edwards, wife of Ryan Edwards and step-mom to Bentley, participated in an Instagram Live interview with YouTuber Katie Joy (Without a Crystal Ball.) In this interview they talked a lot about recent episodes of ‘Teen Mom OG’ including Mack’s thoughts on Bentley’s strict diet for wrestling and Maci’s relationship with Ryan. Soon after that interview Maci responded in an interview of her own with Celeb Magazine. (NOTE: I just waned to add in here that I am not sure if Maci watched the full interview with Mackenzie before answering questions for Celeb. So her answers may be solely based on the questions asked of her by the interviewer.)

The live interview kicks off with questions about the episode that reveals Bentley’s strict diet for wrestling. Bentley states that he is on a 1,000 calorie diet consisting of mostly water, grilled chicken and salads. It was also revealed that he was attempting to cut weight so that he could wrestle in a lower weight class.


I had no idea that it was like that, i knew that he was cutting weight and stuff but i had no idea it was that intense and I just cried all day. I hurt, that hurts me.” Mackenzie said. “Ryan and I are 100% on the same page with this. We feel like as a young kid, lets just enjoy being a kid. Yeah sports are great, they are a great outlet and they are so good for you on so many levels and that’s been proven but this is… oh my God... You train, you do your practices, you win some, you lose some. And ultimately, you want to win, but you don’t have to go that far. And I get it that there are wrestlers who- that’s how they do things. But at 11 years old, I don’t think introducing those habits at such a young age ends well, ever.

Maci responded to this statement in her interview saying that Bentley’s diet was, “Not skipping breakfast, drinking more water ALL day, choosing high calorie, good fat/carbs, natural sugars and protein, [and] learning how to grocery shop and cook healthy meals and snacks. If introducing eating habits such as (those) is ‘never going to end well,’ then I’ve lost my mind. [She was] making statements based on ignorance, never telling the truth.

Katie Joy pointed out that according to Child MD, a healthy 11 year old boy should have a diet of 2,000-2,600 calories per day and that 1,000 calories is only half of what he should be getting. Maci maintains that the diet plan for Bentley was healthy.

“It’s a rough place to be because… I can’t say anything, that’s just not my place,” Mackenzie said.

Fans started to say that Mackenzie was just bashing Maci’s parenting but Mackenzie was quick to shut those comments down. “I think she’s a great mom, you should give credit where credit’s due and she is. I just think that was crazy. We thought he was putting the pressure on himself… we [thought] that’s a little extreme but ok. We just didn’t know that it was like that at home.

Maci further responded to Mackenzie’s comments with, “If she or Ryan actually talked to Bentley or me about it, they would be certain that it was Bentley’s choice to maintain his weight in his weight class, but considering they only spend a couple of hours a week around him and never show interest in showing up for more than one event a month…it’s fair to say that what they ’thought’ was wrong. And, I’ll say it again- this is making statements based on ignorance that never tell the truth.

When asked if Mackenzie thinks Bentley is being pressured into sports and succeeding she actually says that it is Bentley’s choice to be competitive in sports. “I think he definitely wants it, for sure. He’s worked so hard. He is the hardest working child that I have ever come across. So I know that he wants it, I just feel he’s also pushed to the limit.

Maci then commented on episodes of the show in which Ryan and Mackenzie have teased Bentley either about golfing or his elementary school girlfriend. “For the record, when Mackenzie and Ryan stop talking badly about my son, making fun of him, and talking down to him… then maybe their opinion of what goes on in my home will hold some weight… Actually, no it won’t.

Mackenzie did mention in her interview with Katie Joy that Ryan regrets some things he has said on camera and admits that some of the scenes are “cringey.”

Shifting gears, Maci takes a jab at Mackenzie’s credibility by bringing up Ryan and Mack’s wedding day in which Ryan was filmed clearly high and driving. “Ryan’s 10th or so girlfriend (I lost count) since Bentley was born, rode without concern with a highly intoxicated driver to their shotgun wedding… She sure thinks her opinions actually matter to me, my son, or my husband.

Mackenzie talks about this incident during the Instagram interview (because the interview was not JUST about Maci.) Referencing her wedding day she said, “That was the day that I kind of put two and two together.” Mackenzie didn’t know leading up to that. Ryan hid his addiction prior to that day. “I never knew a sober ryan. His actions never changed.” She had never been around drugs and had no idea what was going on. “It was a bombshell.” He went to rehab the next day.

Katie brought up the fact that many fans have commented on Maci’s drinking on the show and said that she thought Maci was slurring her words in one of her scenes. When asked her thoughts on that Mackenzie replied, “I don’t know. I just hope that everybody that needs help will get it. That’s not directed at her, I just mean across the board.”

Maci did not take kindly to any insinuation that she has a drinking problem and responded with, “Mackenzie would insinuate that the bullsh*t she spits out of her mouth tastes good to just stay relevant… Her straw broke, and she’s still thirsty. Some people need help learning to worry about themselves and their own family. I hope those people get the help they need- and that’s definitely directed at Mackenzie.” Maci also said, “If I want to drink a glass of wine in a bathtub before bed or drink a beer while making dinner or with my dinner, I will. If I want to indulge in an adult beverage in the comfort of my own home, on or off-camera… guess what? It’s legal, so I can. FYI, street drugs, non-prescription drugs, and slander are illegal.”

Mackenzie actually did talk a lot about the help she and Ryan are both getting for their recovery. Ryan has been attending Narcotics anonymous meetings while Mackenzie attends Al-Anon. (Al-Anon is just like AA but for loved ones of alcoholics and addicts.) “I’ve been doing it for a while and I really like it. We’ve been going through the steps… I’m really enjoying it and I feel like I’m getting a lot out of it.”

The couple goes to meetings every week and often discuss the 12 steps with each other. Mackenzie talks about how much she has learned about enabling which she is often criticized for, “It might come across that way on the show but behind the scenes I am on it. I’m not afraid to hurt his feelings.”

Mackenzie also stated in her interview that she hopes that the relationship between Ryan and Maci will improve one day. Communication currently continues to be through Jen and Larry despite the restraining order being expired at this point.

I really do want it to work out and I want them to work it out. My son’s dad and I rarely get along or see eye to eye on things but that doesn’t matter. It’s all about Hudson. I just want them to be able to do the same thing.” Mackenzie said. Maci did not comment on this part of the interview. (Again, she may not even be aware that it was said.)

What do you think of this battle of the interviews? Leave your thoughts in the comments below. You can watch Katie’s full interview with Mackenzie below. (She talks a lot more about her relationship with Ryan, Jen and Larry, editing on ‘Teen Mom’ etc. Topics that were not included in my article because Maci did not comment on those parts of the interview.)


  1. Ryan got drunk st his later bigger wedding which was after his first short stint in rehab. Alcohol IS A DRUG TOO! Often a trigger for addicts to do other drugs!

  2. Mackenzie has no room to talk and neither does Ryan. Both of them are fake as hell. Maci is the only one that has been in Bentleys life constantly since he was born. Ryan is an addict and will always be an addict. All he does is make fun of him and mock him even about wrestling the only outlet he has to go to so if he has to be on a diet so be it. That’s Maci and Taylor’s business not Mack’s and Ryan’s cause they don’t give a shit about him and they don’t know what is going on in Maci’s house hold not to mention she is the best mom ever and all she does is put her kids first!!

    • The dynamics are so diverse in the two seperate household’s. Maci’s is constant and a very stable household for any child to be raised in. Teen Mom OG has afforded for both family’s to beable to financially care for their children. For one, who am I to judge anyone? I know I’m not perfect and life happen’s for many family’s in such diverse way’s. Let’s face it, Ryan was a very spoiled and doted on young man by his parent’s growing up. There is nothing wrong with it if you pull the reign’s in and get a grip on your child, but with Ryan and his two wonderful and caring parent’s that never happened for him. He went about his life as Bently grew up as if he (Bently) would never get older and wiser and see his Dad’s true color’s , which in my mind I feel as if Ryan is very embarrassed at this point for himself and it’s hard for him to save face and admit that “yes, maybe I haven’t made the wisest decision’s for the direction my life took, but today I’m here to show that a person can change if they try hard enough”. We all have to be forgiving and believe that with the grace of God these two family’s can really come together for all of their children and not just Bently.
      I love this show and only want the best for the whole cast. Let’s just hope they all are strong enough to rise above the ashes and soar to a level in their lives that they feel confident enough to push forward not only for themselves, but for their entire family.

  3. I think that Maci is has been a mother and a father to Bentley prior to Taylor. Ryan has never been a father to Bentley. He is more like the bullying non supportive older brother. Mackenzie is just Ryan’s annoying sidekick. Having said that, on the show Maci very much was saying Bentley needed to “cut weight”. She asked him what he had for breakfast and he sheepishly replied a muffin like a normal 11 year old and she started yelling at him “You blew your diet, go weigh yourself NOW! I bet you gained back all the weight you lost just from that muffin!”. When he weighed himself and their was no change on the scale he told Maci that. She called him a liar. He said, “I promise I’m not lying, come look at the scale”. She not only refused to come look at the scale but proceeded to call him a liar again and then gave him a speech about how he was a cheater also. When she got backlash she changed it to “Bentley wasn’t cutting weight, it was his idea or he is just eating healthy”. He is not in the UFC, he is a kid. Let him be one.

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