Cory Wharton Responds to Taylor Selfridge’s Firing & Announces Birthing Special Will Air on Their Youtube Channel!

MTV Star Cory Wharton has responded to the network’s firing of Taylor Selfridge over past racist tweets in a tear filled Instagram Live session.

During the Live, on June 10th, Cory clarified that he has not severed ties with MTV over their decision but that he is heartbroken that Taylor was fired. “I know this girl better than anyone.” Cory was devastated that Taylor has been singled out for insensitive tweets that she has apologized repeatedly for. He stated that if MTV wants to go down this road he hopes they “hold everyone accountable.”

He went on to let fans know that anyone disappointed that they didn’t get to see the Birthing Special, that was pulled from MTV at the last minute, will get to see a birth special next week. The couple will introduce their daughter Mila on their YouTube channel: The Wharton Family. “You guys can watch it next Wednesday on our channel. It won’t be the [MTV] special but it will be a better one!”

Cory thanked fans for their support and love and gave a shout out to all the fans that did get to see the Birth Special in Canada. (MTV did allow the special to air in Canada.)

It will be interesting to see how many views the birthing special gets on YouTube. Most fans seem to be very upset with MTV for this decision and are very disappointed in the special being pulled.


  1. This is wrong. I am very upset with MTVs decision and I will no longer be watching any of the Teen Mom OG shows or any affiliated shows from now on. Farrah,Jannell, Amber and others have all said and done so much that MTV has turned the other cheek. And all of the drug abusers that are still getting paid to support their drug habits just for their drama. Some of us want to watch shows with families who can love each other without the drama. Those who can have healthy relationships with each other and their EXs. The ones who co-parent well for their children, each other and themselves. And you were the proof that positivity and companion for one another can exist.This happened 8 years ago. Why is she being punished now. Even the courts don’t punish people for minor crimes after 7 years. She has grown and matured since then and she apologized for it. But I guess MTV is only about the $$$$ and ratings. You guys were to PURE for them. I can not wait to see your beautiful new addition and I will follow your family on YouTube.

  2. I to am confused, didn’t Taylor apologize for her comments and even had a conversation with Cheyenne and all was forgiven. Why now a year or more later are they bringing it back up. Just because of the the recent events are no reason to make her pay for something she has atoned for. Her actions have proven she does not have malice in her heart so don’t hold her responsible for irresponsible words she spoke and apologize for. I believe her apology look at the way she loves Cory’s and his daughter and they are Black! Yes Cory you’re black bro, if the police stop you they see a black man.

  3. I think this whole thing has been blown out of proportion. Her comment was terrible and wrong. If she was actually racist, why is she in a relationship and baby with black guy? Taylor said this years ago. We all have done stupid things when we were teenagers. Should will all be judged from what we did has teenagers?

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