More Embarrassing Tweets and Video Emerge Amid MTV Firings – Kailyn Lowry, Tyler Baltierra and Taylor McKinney Exposed

Earlier this month MTV made the decision to start firing any talent that have made insensitive or racial comments either on the show or their personal social media. Which is totally understandable, but when the network decided to fire Taylor Selfridge of ‘Teen Mom OG’ for 8 year old racially discriminatory tweets that were used as a story line on the show… as Cory Wharton put it in a now deleted tweet, “they opened the flood gates.”

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup reported that MTV has now decided to do “Social Media Background Checks” on the cast members of all of their shows. “The cast members were informed that they have to fill out a complete background check,” a behind-the-scenes source told The Ashley. “They were told if they don’t complete the background check, or refuse, they may not be allowed to appear on the [next] season of the show. Some cast members were freaking out and saying it’s unfair to subject them to such intense scrutiny, after being with the show for 10 years. The [producers] were being pretty cryptic, too, and would not tell the cast what the company is looking for, or what happens if something that’s ‘problematic’ is found during the search.”

Kailyn Lowry deleted her Twitter around the time this was reported while “fans” attempted to dig up any controversial tweets from her past. Rumors have been flying that Kailyn once referred to her son Lux’s father Chris Lopez as the “N-Word.” There is speculation of video and/or audio of the incident, but nothing has been released to the public. Chris went on Instagram Live to defend Kailyn, stating that she never called him that. This did not stop “fans” from digging up an old scene from ‘Teen Mom 2’ in which Kailyn confronts her son Isaac’s father Jo Rivera on the way he dresses Isaac.

“When he goes over there, you have him dress a certain way; you have him look a certain way; you have his hair cut a certain way, and that’s not who he is,” Kailyn says in the episode. “I think you forget about the fact that he’s half-white and he’s half-Hispanic. I feel like you dress him in a stereotypical way, and I don’t like it.” Rivera replied, “I don’t understand what your description of how I dress him is.” Lowry responded, “You dress him like a thug!”

At the time of this episode airing, Kailyn’s friend Toni Ziegler told The Ashley (clearly one of my favorite sources of information) “Kail does regret saying that because she wants Isaac to embrace both of his cultures but it didn’t go down quite how it’s being shown. She was wrong to say it, for sure, but she was upset that Jo tries to change Isaac’s life and look so much whenever he goes over there. Plus, a lot of the time Jo just does it because he knows it makes Kail mad. He likes to push her buttons.” She also goes on to say that MTV pushed Jo to expose Kailyn in this way. Which calls to question the network’s current stance on racial injustice. They wanted so badly to get this drama on camera that they reportedly rented a car for Jo to drive to Delaware to talk to Kailyn. “There’s no way he would have done it on his own. And, they wouldn’t tell Kail what it was Jo wanted to discuss when he came over. She knew something was up.”

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Tyler Batierra has also come under fire for a snapchat he posted while intoxicated in 2017. @JustKeepItReal tweeted “did you say ‘you gotta see the crowd ni**a’? Asking for a friend,” along with video of the snap.

When the snap was originally posted Tyler responded to the backlash, “This ‘trifling a$$’ does have some explaining to do. I am a complete inconsiderate prick who made a mistake while attempting to take a mental break after dealing with everything. I deserve any hate you all give me, so lay it on me.” This incident occurred just days after Catelynn Baltierra checked into a mental hospital for depression and suicidal thoughts.

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Maci Bookout’s husband Taylor McKinney has had some despicable homophobic tweets surface from around the same time that Taylor Selfridge posted her insensitive tweets. ‘Teen Mom 2’ cast member David Eason was fired in 2018 for homophobic and transphobic tweets (after several other unsettling incidents.)

Cheyenne Floyd is another MTV star whose old racist tweets have resurfaced lately. In her comments she expresses her “problem” with white people and how she wanted to kill them after seeing the movie ‘The Help.’

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What do you think MTV should do in this situation? These are just the comments of the ‘Teen Mom’ franchise. Who knows how much more dirt could be dug up on the cast of other shows? Should the ‘Teen Mom’ shows get pulled from the air? What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and subscribe to Teen Mom Madness for all the drama sent straight to your inbox.


  1. Okay first of all there’s no reason in trying to change anything about the show especially firing people for some stupid ass nonsense just because you think it’s the right thing to do have you ever thought you might not have a show you go to fire you fired the only piece of trash hoe dog that was on there good riddance to Farah’s nasty-ass and then you got Ryan ain’t nobody fired his ass today even though it was a p**** drug addict you need to leave things well enough alone who gives a s*** what Cheyenne says she’s a youngin I’m a white woman there has been racist comment for years and both black and white people know and I don’t give a damn whether they admit it or not without each other there wouldn’t be a world today there are good black people but there are also f****** bad black people there are good white people and there’s also a f****** bad white people the race together is the only way the world’s going to make it so she can make her a little, cuz she ain’t s*** and I want to put a shout out to Maci and Taylor the two best parents I have seen on TV ever go guys you are the s*** then I got Catelynn and Tyler he’s made some good decisions in their life and some bad ones but I love you too dearly to keep going on strong what does it matter what anybody’s done in their past is no one’s business especially the show directors you didn’t give a damn then why give a damn now leave it at that Amber you go girl I love you girl. Which show has been going strong you keep messing with it you won’t have a show and then I’m going to have to have their addresses so I can keep in touch to know what’s happened to Bentley and what’s happened to Nova and what’s happened to Carl and what’s happened to Leah and then of course Cheyenne you’re fine you’re okay girl you just commented out loud and said things just got to keep stuff to yourself you got to keep it on the down low girl call your mom if you got to say something you know.

    • I agree!!! There isn’t going to be a show when they are done!!! I honestly think for the most part the people on the show have grown and are better because of it. You have Maci shedding light on PCOS, Catelynn on adoption and mental health and family trauma, you have Cheyenne and Cory who shed light on VCLAD, donation to charities they are not the only ones that have grown up and do better. I say going forward if they step out then terminate but going back when MTV didn’t address it when it happened. Screen for your new shows and be better going forward. Also bring back Taylor !!!!

  2. Leave the past in the past I am so sick and tired of people just keep on and on and on stopping a dead horse Taylor you ain’t said nothing you ain’t said nothing who cares who cares what they got stay you just keep going without you on that show that wouldn’t be nothing and without Macy I hate to say it but I don’t know if you would have a life like you’ve got now cuz that’s one hell of a woman you got there she is one hell of a mom one hell of a woman one hell of a influence I’m so glad that Maisie was picked on that show because she is what keeps me watching it every single time it’s on the air you’re an amazing mom Maci amazing

  3. you fired Taylor for all the things you are finding out about the others……give Taylor back her job or fire the others……….whats good for one is good for each of them

  4. Leave it alone you are all rideleous past is the past we learn from our mistakes I dont believe for one min the producers of the show r angels

  5. Teen mom has gone downhill based on drug abuse, child abuse, domestic abuse etc. MTV didn’t care about any of that & were present or saw it firsthand on camera when it happened. To pretend they now care about racism or homophobia is ridiculous. They care about their bottom line. Personally, teen mom IMO has been on way to long. They are pushing 30 now.

  6. Omg stop already MTV. I wonder if the big wigs down at MTV never said something stupid 100 years ago then have people digging it up again. You have now become a lynch mob punishing anyone for anything stupid they have said. Well done also to the keyboard warriors that pass judgement on these people whose only job is to entertain. I’m sure we have all said something once in our lives that we regret. Personal growth is a beautiful thing

  7. I love this show please don’t cancel the show. Leave the past in the past. We are not all prefect. I want Taylor and Cory back!!!!!!!!

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