Jenelle Evans Threatens to Sue Former ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Workers

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans has threatened her former co-stars with a lawsuit after they shared “clickbait” style drama articles about her son.

Several of the ‘Teen Mom’ and ‘Teen Mom 2’ stars work with companies that share entertainment news articles to their Twitter and Instagram accounts. (This is a way for the cast to make a little extra money from their social media.) One of the articles shared by several MTV stars on July 1st was about Jenelle’s son Kaiser. The article came after Jenelle’s ex, Nathan Griffith, tweeted about the alleged abuse going on in Jenelle’s home.

Jenelle tweeted out to ‘Teen Mom OG’ stars, Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood whose accounts shared the article stating, “It’s crazy how you would let someone post slander about my children and husband onto your accounts with completely made up accusations from a year ago.

I would appreciate it if you would delete the articles. Or I can have my lawyer contact all of you next week,” Jenelle followed up with another tweet. Amber Portwood did not take kindly to Jenelle’s threat and tweeted back a simple response of, “I’ll be waiting.”

Evans used to participate in the business of posting “clickbait” and drama articles to her social media but eventually decided to stop. She now seems to be partnered with the website Celebernation which also shares ‘Teen Mom’ news coverage. The posts she shares now are mostly positive or strictly informational as she seems to be trying to steer clear of harsh and outrageous posts about the other moms.

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Apparently the media doesn’t care what defamation or slander means. This is why celebrities have sued everyone in the past… and I’ve been organizing my notes for a while,” Jenelle tweeted.

As for the allegations by Nathan about Kaiser being abused in her home she said, “Scream on the top of your lungs to social media but don’t call to check. kip out on visits and cut short the ones you do attend. You’re not really concerned, just playing pretend.”

Nathan has been trying to get custody of his son Kaiser for years now as Jenelle’s husband David Eason is a huge cause of concern for Kaiser’s safety. Jenelle left David in October of 2019 and told a judge that she was fearful for her safety and the safety of her children to get a restraining order against David. She eventually dropped the order and moved back to the home they share in North Carolina. Jenelle again attempted to leave David in June of 2020 and he was then arrested for “pistol whipping” the friend that was helping Jenelle retrieve her belongings. That separation was even more short lived than the last, Jenelle is once again back home with David and defending his actions. (More coming on that soon!)

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For now, it looks like the article about Jenelle’s son Kaiser have been removed from the MTV stars’ social media accounts. What do you think of the situation? Leave your thoughts in the comments below and subscribe to this blog for all the ‘Teen Mom’ news sent straight to your inbox!

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