Why Jenelle Evans “Changed Her Mind” About David + More in New Q&A

Former ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans has updated fans once again on her life on the land in an Instagram Q & A session! Lets dive into her on and off relationship with hubby, David Eason and her poorly reviewed eyebrow kits…

First lets catch up on Jenelle’s relationship with David after their recent breakup and reconnection. (During which David was arrested for pistol whipping Jenelle’s friend… read about that here.) Here’s where things stand with the couple now.

Question: Are you back with David? I thought I saw you weren’t?
Answer: Yeah I thought I was done with him too. 😂🤷🏻 Changed my mind.

Question: I know this is THE question, but why you are [sic] still with David?
Answer: I love David and if the issue is something we can workout as a family then I’m going to do so. There’s two sides to every story. Both parties were in the wrong, in my opinion.

Question: Did David cheat again?
Answer: David has never cheated on me, lol 🤷🏻

Question: Did you see the pic Britt Walker posted of her and David?
Answer: Yeah, apparently she’s obsessed 😖

Question: Who is this girl, Brittany, David was with?
Answer: An obsessed fan that posted an old pic with David when we were separated 🤷🏻 she has posted it before but deleted it. Why is she posting it again? Have no idea. Weird…

Fans were also curious to know about Jenelle’s finances and how she is currently earning enough money to take care of David and the kids on the land. Jenelle’s answer is a little cryptic but from what I can see, Jenelle is earning money from her YouTube channel and her partnership with a company that shares articles to social media. She also claims to be working on a project that will put her back on our TV screens. Jenelle also started a subscription site in which people can pay to view exclusive Jenelle content. (No, it’s not OnlyFans… thank goodness.)

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Question: How are you earning money atm?
Answer: Just know I am financially stable. There’s a lot of diff ways to make money online from home these days.

Question: Are you going to pursue a career in the medical field some day?
Answer: Maybe one day in the future. Right now I am financially stable being self-employed from home.

Question: Will you ever work a 9-5 job?
Answer: Maybe one day, but not right now. 🤷🏻

Question: What’s your dream job for 10 years time?
Answer: Producing, directing, and editing film.

Question: Do you miss being on Teen Mom 2?
Answer: Yes, to continue to share my story with everyone. Everything just stopped. 😥 But also NO, because of the drama that came along with some of the people I had to work with.

Question: Would you ever do your own spin off show? I’d love that 😍
Answer: Maybe one day!

Apparently Jenelle’s eyebrow makeup kit has been getting negative reviews and a complaint about fibers or what looks like “dirt” inside of the brow wax. You can still purchase Jenelle’s eyebrow kit here. Jenelle explained that whatever is appearing in the wax is due to the fuzzy packaging of the kit and that the product is clean.

Question: What’s your response to your eyebrow kit’s newest review?
Answer: Before [shipping] the kits are inspected inside and out. Our kits have a fuzzy velvet texture on the inside packaging. During shipping the fuzz known to get into the wax. It is not dirt and definitely clean. The kit was perfectly fine when shipped.

Jenelle also gives us some details on how her life on the land is “Going smooth for now” and her plans to buy more chickens… For Teen Mom News sent straight to your inbox make sure you subscribe to Teen Mom Madness!

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